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Perfect Pairings

Perfect Pairings

It’s time to up the ante on the pattern front, because not only does a patterned tile make a room feel richer, more decorated and more awake, but it can make even the smallest of rooms feel bigger (if you take the pattern to the floor). But not everyone is ready to go maximalist on pattern, clashing a contemporary striped tile with a floral print. So here are five Ca’ Pietra combos that partner a patterned tile with a pared-down plain because we love to encourage a touch of mix ‘n match.

  1. London x Lucca

Often, you’ll find people discussing whether to go big on pattern or on colour – nervous at the prospect of the two going hand in hand. And so if that sounds like a remark you might make, pick out a pattern that uses neutrals for its palette like the London mosaic marble tile that counts white, black and sand as its three tonal varieties – three neutrals and also three natural marble hues that means you really get to sing this sophisticated stone’s praises.

It’s a busy pattern – triangle meets triangle in a transfixing matrix – and because of its three-tone makeup, it’ll pair with all sorts of different plains. But here’s how we like the sound of it, especially with summer on the approach.

Mix n’ match London’s luxe with the more rustic finish of Lucca Limestone and the result is modern-industrial for sure, but with rustic undertones that don’t catapult your room into the realms of grungy, abandoned warehouse or cold and minimal (as contemporary style often is). Your room will feel warm, inviting and packed with personality.

2. Atlantis Scallop x Dorchester

Next up, we go quieter on the shape and louder on colour with the undulating scallop of Atlantis Scallop in Emerald. It’s a glossy porcelain mosaic that injects colour and throws light around the room but there’s no hiding from the fact that it makes quite the Art Deco pop.

Mellow its extrovert personality with the understated Dorchester sandstone tile that takes Atlantis Scallop down a totally different direction. You might have though Dorchester could be too country but because there’s a vintage-style crackle glaze on Atlantis’ surface and the Emerald is full of cool undertones, it actually pairs very naturally with a heritage flagstone like Dorchester. In fact, all four of the Atlantis Scallop tiles suit Dorchester to a tee.

Put the two in a kitchen and watch how one counterbalances the other to perfection.

3. Lily Pad x Bazaar

This tile collection is one of our most popular. So much so that at Ca’ Pietra, we invested in a patented technology to make it available as an easygoing porcelain version too. That means you have options in material, placement (they work on walls and floors) as well as colourway (there are nine tones in total ranging from Admiral Blue to Custard Yellow) all with its signature starburst motif when multiple tiles are combined in a mosaic.

Turn down the volume a touch with a simple square tile like Bazaar. We’re picturing Lily Pad in a bathroom running down one wall, covering the floor and up onto the wall opposite so there’s no question which is the hero tile in the room. Then, add the glossy, ceramic Bazaar wall tile on the remaining walls in whichever of its seven plain hues best complement your chosen Lily Pad finish and balanced but beautiful is exactly what your room shall be. It goes to show that not all muted tiles need to be neutral or a large format sandstone, limestone or marble floor tile.

4. Menagerie x Marlborough Terracotta

This is a duo that never gets enough airtime, but is one of the tile couplings that will produce the most realistically antique, charming of kitchens or bathrooms.

Designed by British artist Michael Angove and a made-to-order tile, this sweet ceramic square tile might be simply white and glossy in backdrop, but every one is detailed with an illustrated motif of some description from a rustic pewter key to a single picked pansy. Dot them at random with the plain Shell tile in-between to give each pattern room to breathe on a kitchen’s splashback or on the wall behind a bathtub and then add either the beautiful Marlborough Terracotta collection underfoot.

Every inch of your room will have a story to tell with this meant-to-be-together pairing.

5. Parisian Café x Isle

Now let’s take it outside with a tile combination fit for your great outdoors.

Thought gardens and terraces were all about patio slabs? Think again. Your outdoor area deserves to be dressed with just the same level of care, attention and style as your interior, so bring some colour and pattern to the party with these textured , low-slip porcelain tiles that are a replica of the traditional encaustic cement variety. There are four patterns that you can form with its triangle shaded corners from like a bold chevron or classic diamond and two colourways, but we like its sky blue and cloud white option for outdoor living – for obvious reasons.

Parisian Café suits floors and walls, but we like the idea of it covering over a freestanding cement island (your kitchen can have an island so why can’t your outdoor cooking and eating area?) or firepit. Or, use it to tile part of a garden wall and maybe add shelves so it becomes a herb wall garden. Then below, add the Isle porcelain tiles – one of our most low maintenance outdoor tiles and an alternative to natural stone – that particularly suits a contemporary space.

Summer, here we come.


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