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Five Garden Updates For Spring

Five Garden Updates For Spring

It’s March, the equinox has been and gone, Easter’s on the horizon, and so we can now confirm that spring has 100% sprung. With the change in seasons comes huge focus on the garden. Everyone is beginning to buzz about in preparation to uncover garden furniture, to update their outdoor spaces be that through new garden lighting and accessories or a whole new planting scheme, and to check and check again that come 12th April, our great outdoors are set to serve, to host and to welcome friends and family back into our inner sanctum. Here then are five garden updates to add to your list so that yours remerges with Garden of Eden status…

Blur the lines between indoors and out

This one’s relevant for balconies, for courtyards and for sprawling lawn gardens with a terrace attached – basically, outdoor areas of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re fortunate enough to have doors that open up onto your garden, why not think about re-paving this spring so that your interior floor flows outdoors to seamlessly link the two spaces?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that means you have to have a classic garden flagstone in your kitchen or living space. There are plenty of decorative porcelain tiles that work in indoor and outdoor scenarios such as on-trend terrazzo tiles. They look ultra smart in contemporary and Mid-Century homes, transforming your garden paving or decking into something very enviable indeed.

Switch up your garden’s colour palette

While we’re great lovers of natural tones in the garden – terracotta pots and wooden fencing and furniture to name a few – it’s also really refreshing to add some colour in addition to that which your flowers do.

Do you have a pergola over a dining area like @design_at_nineteen? If so, pull out one of the colours from the garden tiles beneath it and repaint it anew. In the garden pictured, our Parisian Café Tri Black Porcelain tiles are enhanced to great effect by the deep charcoal-painted structure (for a similar hue, try Brook’s Black).

Tile a statement structure to add a new focal point

On the subject of our Parisian Café Tri Black Porcelain tiles, they don’t have to be laid on the garden floor alone.

If you’ve got sections of your garden with plastered up stands, such as a bank of seating with cushions on top, a run of raised planting, or a makeshift outdoor kitchen section like this to-die-for garden designed by @tranquilolandscapes, take your tiles to their surface and decorate vertically instead. This is a great way to introduce a new feature in your garden without needing to call in the landscapers.

Try your hand at garden zoning

A bit of an industry term, but ‘zoning’ is the practice of creating designated areas in a space to carve it up and make full use of its square meterage. It applies to exterior design as much as interior design and can be achieved in the smallest of gardens too – albeit with fewer zones than in a capacious one.

Tiles, furniture and planting are all at your disposal to create a new zone in your garden. Do you have a main table or seating area that just feels a bit too large for your morning cup of coffee? Ask yourself then if there’s a small patch you can hand over to a cute tea-for-two bistro set which will become your spot for stolen moments outdoors – five minutes with your coffee here, a break away from your screen to listen to the birds there.

For a lesson in how it’s done, see the Brompton-tiled tiny terrace, pictured.

 Lounge on out

Not all gardens come with paved areas. Some new builds will have a long stretch of turf and nothing else – a blank canvas if you will for you to dream up as you please. If that rings true for you and you’re longing for a terrace, be sure to think about a garden sofa and coffee table setup.

The notion of seeing our gardens as an al fresco living room is nothing new, but with entertaining being limited to outdoors for a little while longer, it’s become more relevant than ever before.

Style yours up with a pared-down garden tile like our Isle Porcelain Paving in Perla that won’t steal the focus away from the stars of the show – the large L-shaped garden sofa the outdoor cushions, the garden rug, and the mood-setting candlelight in hurricane vessels and lanterns aplenty.

For more garden tile inspiration, shop our exterior collection.

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