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Colours to Promote Happiness and Wellbeing

Colours to Promote Happiness and Wellbeing

It’s not news that colours can influence our mood. We’re all particularly familiar with the colours to avoid in certain areas, but what about those that promote happiness and wellbeing?

To pay homage to International Day of Happiness, Hamish Smith, Managing & Creative Director at Ca’ Pietra, talks us through the use of colour to create the ultimate wellbeing retreat at home…



Yellow is the colour of happiness and communicates positivity, so it’s no surprise that it was chosen as Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2021. As a colour of strength and positivity, yellow is an upbeat and friendly shade, encapsulating the joy of sunshine.

One thing to bear in mind, is that in a light sunny room yellow walls can be overbearing, so consider accents of yellow through accessories. I love how @erica_davies has used Otto’s Gold on the skirtings, radiator and doors within her bedroom, with hints of bold yellow throughout and paired perfectly with the Zale’s Powder on the ceiling.

For something a bit different that will no doubt bring a smile to your face, our Neopolitan tile in Yellow is full of Italian flavour. It’s bold striped design makes it popular for use in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways and can be laid in a variety of ways to create a playful or classic effect.


A mentally stimulating colour, and one of wellbeing and content, green always fills your home with the feel-good vibes. It works really well in bathrooms, paired with gold or brass accessories, and timber is unsurprisingly its natural partner. We recommend pairing Proper Good Paint’s natural and earthy Aspen’s Forest with a classic wood-effect porcelain tile such as Chateau Porcelain in Stube.

Some argue that too much green can make a room feel stagnant, but the good news is that green looks great with lots of other colours too. It sits calmly next to blue, or really feels lush against pinks.

If you love green but want something a little more muted and earthy, then take a look at sage green tiles. Our Oasis tiles are super low maintenance, easy to clean and thanks to their Zellige-style appearance are really rich in their detail which make them the perfect choice for kitchens. Mix sage green with wooden cabinetry in a kitchen to really bring the outside in.


Universally, blue is the world’s favourite colour and it’s a great tone to introduce into your home. In its palest forms it’s calming and tranquil, and its coolness really helps to slow us down and feel relaxed. More intense blues have been proven to aid concentration so a great choice for home offices or reading areas. Blue is also an appetite suppressant. That’s why it’s not so good for dining rooms. Although it might be a good choice in the kitchen, as it may well stop you picking and snacking! Cool colours like blue, grey and green are also great at making small rooms appear bigger.

Atlantis Scallop in Ultramarine is the ultimate tranquil blue to use in bathrooms. Inspired by the coast, the crackle glaze finish adds a beautiful iridescent shimmer to these fish scale shaped tiles. For something more traditional, Atlantis is also in Navy blue, evoking thoughts of deep and tranquil water, ideal for sitting back in a free standing bath and washing the days stresses away.


In the palest shades, pink is very soft and nurturing, and so a great colour for bedrooms. It’s really like a lovely hug for the soul! It’s been branded a very feminine colour for so long but I hope people’s perceptions are finally changing.

Pale, warm pinks makes a great alternative to beige as a neutral background in any room. Arguably, because it’s so soft and relaxing it’s not a great colour for spaces that you need to feel motivated in – like a gym! A very hot bright pink takes on some of red’s energy so again for me a hot pink is something I’d only use as an accent.


Our Carter Rose tile is one of our best sellers and is used universally in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways and pairs perfectly with gold accessories. If you’re looking for a more neutral shade of pink, discover Bamboo Blush. I particularly love how it has been used by @thepalm_residence in their kitchen cooker alcove.


Orange takes on a similar feel to yellow. As one of the warmest tones, it notably resembles the colour of the sunset, one of nature’s most calming events. Colour experts claim that orange is good for trauma and stress, which is probably why orange light is recommended for rebalancing your sleep cycle.

Due to it being such an energetic colour, a strong orange can be controversial so I suggest using a more subtle shade for walls such as Colour Pop in Salmao, or featuring accents throughout a room such as a bathtub finished in Cassia’s Terracotta.

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