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Glendurgan Ceramic Fern Olive

Muted in colour and delicate in brush strokes, the Glendurgan collection is a fitting homage to the exotic ferns, plants and flowers that can be found at Glendurgan Garden near Falmouth in Cornwall.

With its playful valleys, mesmerising maze, carpet of wild flowers come spring and the rare sighting of a giant tulip tree, there is much to see at Glendurgan Garden. This is largely thanks to its unique microclimate, which encourages the growth of big leaves and exotic flowers, creating a source of calm and mystery in equal measure. Our Glendurgan tile collection with its soft, shadow-like patterns and tactile texture encourages you to reach out and touch, just as you are compelled to do when strolling around the garden itself. With a nod to the botanical trend for contemporary kitchen and bathroom décor, Glendurgan is available in three patterns – Exotic, Wild Flower and Fern.