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Hit Refresh – How To Update Your Home Décor With Paint

Hit Refresh – How To Update Your Home Décor With Paint

As Spring approaches, you’ll hear us (and the rest of the interiors-obsessed) talking about ways to update your home décor. What better, easier and more affordable way to do that than with paint? Here are just five of the places you might want to take your paintbrush to, from quick fixes to head-to-toe room renovations.

Soak up colour in the tub

One of our favourite places to get playful with paint, depending on your bathtub’s material, you can take any of our Proper Good Paint™ shades to your bath’s surround.

If yours is a built-in bath with a wooden panelled surround, easy peasy, just prep and prime it as you would with any woodwork and then paint it in our eggshell finish – it’s far more suited to high moisture environments.

Or if yours is an acrylic roll-top bath, you’ll need to find a special sort of primer before you can get colourful – some people swear by oil-based or latex-based primers for plastic baths, but environmental water-based primers work too, but will be a little less durable so you may need to do more touching up as time goes by. Key the bath, apply your primer, and then you’ll likely need two-three coats of eggshell paint on top – it’s up to you if you want to do a final protective sealant at the end.

Contrast your skirting boards

When it comes to skirting boards, it’s normal practice to leave them painted in white – a Victorian look that’s stuck like glue. The Georgians however were partial to painting them the same colour as their walls – a great idea if you want your room to a) feel calmer and b) feel taller as the walls and skirting merge into one.

But contrasting your skirting boards can be a fun way to bring in another colour to a room, plus it’s far from a daunting task to undertake and can be done and dusted within a day – that’s with enough drying time baked in between coats.

The level of contrast you create is entirely up to you. Keep things tonal with two ultra on-trend colours for 2020 – Camilla’s Cream on the walls and Cassia’s Terracotta on the skirting. Or if your walls are white, go high octane with something like Stella’s Smoke on the skirting – a softer take on monochrome.

On a practical note, you can use either emulsion or eggshell on woodwork. It all depends on the level of sheen and durability you’re after.

Paint one or, or all of, your doors

Otto’s Gold – image credit @erica_davies

Gone are the days where a feature wall was the go-to way to make a statement with colour. There are so many parts of our homes that are overlooked and given an ordinary paint treatment, but they’re ripe for renewing.

Enter doors, it’s time to tackle your internal doors. As always, the colour you choose all depends on the level of contrast that appeals to you most. Back to the Georgians, they would’ve painted their doors in the same colour as their walls and skirting. This is your most elegant option and creates a continuous flow of the same tone to make a room feel larger, airier and uncomplicated.

Alternatively, if you welcome the idea of lots of shades happily coexisting, then you can always introduce a totally new character to your colour palette. Imagine a home’s colour scheme built up of hues such as Audrey’s Peacock, Birdie’s Grey and Charlotte’s Whisper with all of its doors painted anew in dusky Carter’s Rose – heaven.

Or match your skirting boards with your doors (à la Erica Davies), who popped our beautiful shade of Otto’s Gold in her spare bedroom, it just makes the room sing doesn’t it?

Look up and give your ceiling some TLC

Zale’s Powder – image credit Erica Davies

Too often left out of the decorating game, seeing your ceiling as another wall in your room means you’ll end up with a far richer palette.

Yes, the thought of decorating a ceiling is one that could incite a groan – it’s not exactly the easier of things to paint and means you’ll be asking someone in your house for a neck message for a few days’ after – but it’s always worth it for the end result.

One school of thought it to pick a colour just a shade or two away from the one on your walls. For example, if your walls are in a colour akin to Maggie’s Cloud then Maple’s Cloth would be a gentle, balanced hue for the ceiling. Or even softer still, to use a white with a few measured dollops of your wall’s colour mixed in.

But for the more colour-confident, do what fashion editor and stylist Erica Davies did in her guest bedroom, picking out a powder blue in her patterned wallpaper and matching it to Zale’s Powder.

Re-paint a piece of furniture

Paint doesn’t have to just stick to your walls. If you’ve got painted furniture in your home, be it a set of dining chairs or a sideboard in a passing place, and it’s look a bit tired, up-cycle it rather than replace it with a fresh coat of paint.

It’s incredible what a difference it can make to your entire room when you switch up the colour of your furniture – especially if it’s a piece with handles that you can change as well. It could become a pop of colour if you go for a stronger shade like Savannah’s Moss, which would look incredibly smart with antiqued or polished brass handles. Or, quite the opposite, if you take a black-painted cabinet and transform it into something muted in a hue like Noor’s Light.

Head into your kitchen and take on an aspect like the kitchen island and you’ll fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

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