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Updating Your Home With Paint This Spring

Updating Your Home With Paint This Spring

When you think of spring time, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Spring cleaning, home renovations, Easter, (finally) sun, just to name a few? After what feels like a lifetime of cold, dark and wet weather, many of us feel the urge to spruce up our homes and breathe a breath of fresh air into them.

If you’re looking for inspiration for updating your home with paint this spring, take a look at our top 5 spring colours and where to use them, below.

Harper’s Sunshine

Harper’s Sunshine is a playful, zingy and fresh pastel yellow. We describe it as ‘the perfect pick-me-up’, and so it only feels right that it should feature here. Similar in colour to that of pipit daffodils, Harper’s Sunshine manages to be both primary and pastel at the same time, it is such a refreshing tone for kitchens and bedrooms. Use as an accent tone on door frames and woodwork, or push the boundaries and add to ceilings for that ultimate wake up call.

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Grace’s Green

Fresh and vibrant, Grace’s Green is a beautiful pastel shade, which boasts the promise of spring. With hints of new awakenings and a bright future, we love the thought of Grace’s Green as a wall covering after such a tough 12 months and wet winter. It’s the perfect option for living spaces, thanks to its soothing and calming properties.

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Maggie’s Cloud

We just love the gentle, subtle and soothing cream tones of Maggie’s Cloud. Reminiscent of spring lamb’s wool, Maggie’s Cloud is a wonderfully soft colour, great for toning down accent walls or completing a naturally styled interior with natural wood furniture and pampas grass. Maggie’s Cloud works well in bedrooms, hallways and dining spaces as an alternative to stark whites.

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Zale’s Powder

Empowering, focused and classic, Zale’s Powder combines a calming feel with the mysteries of the ocean, it will have you dreaming of spring evenings strolling along the coast. Thanks to it’s lighter tone, Zale’s Powder can be used to cover large walls in spacious rooms without feeling overbearing. Use in a bedroom to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

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Amara’s Slipper

We’re a little bias, but Amara’s Slipper is the perfect warm neutral. Elegant and complementing, this cream shade has a wonderfully calming quality about it that works with all other shades and all styles of interior. if you’re considering Amara’s Slipper instead of a bright white, why not use both? They can be used together with great effect. For example, white furniture and trim against a cream wall, helps to keep rooms light and airy without feeling glaring or harsh.

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