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Tile Trends Go Head To Head

Tile Trends Go Head To Head

Trends come and they go – that’s the very nature of them. Trends come in their dozens – there’s rarely just one look and one look alone sashaying down the catwalk. Trends divide opinion – they want to be a talking-point, to invent, to inspire. And guess what? The world of tile trends is no different. But how to narrow them down to the ones that won’t fall out of favour by the end of the season – the trends that become the timeless heroes of the home – because nobody wants to be re-tiling year in, year out? The Ca’ Pietra team call on four of the industry’s most influential bloggers to do just that, and their picks couldn’t be more different…

The ones to watch  

Autumn 2019 gathered a cult following for all things Seventies, from the era’s archetypal rich and earthy colourways to the materials and motifs used in both fashion and interiors.

2020s trend reports show an expected move away from 70s chic – Art Deco decadence is back on the radar – but stylist, model and all-round influencer MONIKH has kept her focus firmly on the Seventies showcase, proving it’s not going anywhere.

‘I’m currently pulling inspiration together for a new property in London, and I’m really into the 70’s vibe at the moment. It’s something that I’ve been leaning towards for a while and I’m now looking to decorating the walls and floors with terracotta and burnt orange tones to get this look. The terracotta is also a stunning natural material that will keep the new home feeling a little organic and not over done. Just like my wardrobe, I like my home to look relaxed and simple but with a twist.’

The classic 70s autumn leaf palette is at once homely and comforting (ideal for anybody considering a tiling project this season), but come summertime, it will remind you of sun parched soil, golden sand, sunset skies and Mediterranean climes where terracotta is queen.

Dilute terracotta to apricot, turn down the dial on gold to create parchment and primrose, lighten olive to mint, and MONIKH’s Seventies shades shift to a far more muted profile. Think pretty pastel, softly-softly hues reminiscent of an ice cream parlour’s whimsical wares.

Not quite the other end of the spectrum (both feet remain very much in the colourful camp rather than in the absent of colour polar opposite), interiors aficionado Style The Clutter heralds Soft Sorbet Shades as her trend-not-to-miss.

‘Soft minty greens have been forecast to be the colour of 2020, which means pastel shades are still on trend for next year. However, unlike the bright shade of pastels we have seen in the past, it looks like they are taking on a more subtle, natural tone. The greens are more mossy, the pinks have a more orange tone and with yellow, think primrose. I personally love using pastel shades in children’s rooms and think the new mossy green tone will be a big hit in 2020.’

Don’t be tricked into thinking pastels are purely for spring and summer months. Fresh as they are, choose glazed tiles in a bathroom fond of candlelight and they’ll reflect the flame’s glimmer so your space basks in an amber glow. Remember too that pastel tiles both matte and glossy are the perfect foil to statement wooden furniture – a failsafe way to imbue a scheme with depth and warmth.

If there’s one group of colours that’s never fallen off the radar, it’s those in the neutral camp. More of an understatement, whether it’s warm white or earthy nude, the art of a pared-back palette is its ability to endure, to take to tones stronger and softer, yet still, to act as a foil to texture. The staying power possessed by such neutrals is something that award-winning interiors blogger, Lisa Dawson believes in deeply.

‘When you’re planning out your space, it’s important that you focus on your core style, rather than what’s currently on trend. It’s easy to be influenced by what we see in magazines or on social media, but we are all trying to be sustainable in our choices so when it comes to the bones of your home, you need to think carefully about your choices. Going for neutrals or subtle tones means that you can easily up the ante as often as you like with tonal accessories for a new look. You’re less likely to get bored of your scheme if it’s adaptable to ever changing colour trends.  Natural products such as marble and stone are classic choices, especially when teamed with neutral tones.’

No longer though are neutrals the reserve of pigment-free colours. Ballet pump pinks, barely-there blues, diluted dove greys and the subtlest of primroses have tiptoed their way into neutral territory, giving rise to a new wave of softly-spoken shades.

Not to be confused with pastels, the New Neutrals remain fundamentally low-key and sugar-free (no sherbet tones to be seen here). Think about mixing limestone with tiles in taupe and putty grey, or veined marble tiles with those in the faintest of blues.

Monochrome – another classic colour combo but one that we’re seeing take a new direction when it comes to tiles, as top-trending blogger, The Girl With The Green Sofa knows only too well. We’re calling it ‘Mono Mix’ – a trend that lets the many faces of black and white unveil themselves, be it through dramatic contrast marbles or jet black slates.

‘In 2019, we are seeing a lot of monochrome tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. This restrained colour palette allows the user to go for bolder pattern tile formations, such as stripes, diamonds or zig zags on floors. Or even a bold geometric pattern on the tile itself, perhaps for a kitchen splash-back.

Monochrome tiles work really well with warm metallic colours that are similarly trending; think copper bathtubs or gold taps in the kitchen. They work equally well with matte black fixtures too resulting in a classic combination that will stand the test of time.

Monochrome tiles also work really well with plants and the patina of aged wood. A big tick then if you want to bring the outside in following the Biophilic concept, or to do the sustainable thing and feature an upcycled or antique piece of furniture to your room’.

So head to the dark side, plunge into pitch black and then lift yourself right back out again with the help of pristine white glazes and the palest of natural stones all singing in perfect harmony.


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