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Tile Trends for 2018

Tile Trends for 2018

Tile Trends for 2018

The year of personalization

Over the past few months, we have seen people getting creative and setting the trend with tiles, experimenting with colour, pattern and texture. As most trends start, we saw exciting new images on Instagram. London based interior designer Deborah, at Slightly Quirky, went all out in a wall to floor tile design. Deborah used our Lilypad hex encaustic tiles in a recent bathroom renovation, to create a sense of space and light, while kitchen designers, Burlanes, created a rug formation using our Casablanca tiles.

Slightly Quirky recent bathroom renovation

Photo taken by Deborah from Slightly Quirky Ltd.

Burnlanes Showroom using rug formation for tiles

Tile rug formation by Burlanes.

Rooms are no longer constrained by hard surfaces and straight lines; spaces can be fluid, full of energy and character.

Patterned tiles are a great way of adding personalization to a room. Traditionally bathrooms and kitchens have adhered to the white walls and neutral floors. Injecting pattern into a room can transform a space, adding a detail of interest, colour and light.

Toulon pattern encaustic tile featured in a rug formation

Toulon pattern encaustic satin.

Encaustic tiles

Handmade encaustic cement tiles are big for 2018, with a riot of colour and pattern to choose from. First made in Europe in the late nineteenth century, encaustic tiles were used to decorate the floors of palaces in St. Petersburg, and grand hallways from Paris to Saigon. Today, these beautiful handmade tiles can be found in countless chic bars, restaurants, and residential homes in London, Paris and New York.

Encaustic tiles are great for lifting the atmosphere of a room, adding colour and design.

Repetitive patterns and multi-coloured tiles can make a room feel bigger whereas neutral patterned tiles can add a sense of warmth and texture.

Multi coloured eye pattern encaustic tile in modern kitchen

Multi-coloured Eye pattern encaustic tile.

Ceramic tiles

On trend for urban, chic interiors, is the ceramic tile; a popular choice for when mixing materials in a kitchen or bathroom. The brick shaped ceramic tile is very now, as it allows you to play with design. Use bricks horizontally for a classic, modern look, or vertically for a sleek urban feel. Brick ceramics can also be used to create the ever-popular chevron pattern. Our Cater ceramic gloss bricks are available in a range of eye-catching colours from moody grey to rose pink.

Smoke Carter Gloss Ceramic Tile

Smoke – Carter ceramic gloss tile.

Mirror tiles

Metallic accents are going to be huge for 2018. Our bronze Rococo glass tiles add a touch of luxury to a space. The mirrored effect tiles bounce light around the room, making a space feel more open.

Rococo Mirror effect tiles feature kitchen splash back

Bronze – Rococo glass tiles.

2018 is the year of personalization. Make your mark with your next interiors project and don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and pattern.

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