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The Story Behind…

The Story Behind…

We’ve had such wonderful feedback on our new Ca’ Pietra Stone & Tile Collection brochure that we thought we’d let you into the story behind its artistic cover.

We started with the idea of using terracotta stone for the flooring within the image, in an on-trend hexagonal design. It’s a material that’s part and parcel of the Ca’ Pietra heritage and we’re so excited to have brought terracotta back into the nation’s hearts this year, thanks to our new archive collection. We then set about introducing the mix and match look, which is currently huge news in both interior and exterior spaces and something that we’re hugely proud to endorse. Last but not least, we just had to include our ever-popular Lily Pad tile, one of our best-sellers and an iconic product for us.

So who put it together? Designer Charlotte Taylor (@charlottetaylr) is a Paris/London based artist and we’re just obsessed with her style here in the Ca’ Pietra creative team, so we decided we just had to work with her on the illustration. The cover is something we think is more akin to a piece of art or an album cover and we love the fact that, if you wanted, you could take that cover and frame it for your own walls. Enjoy!

If you’ve not yet requested a copy of our brochure, head over here.


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