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Welcome to a brand new season at Ca’ Pietra. Order your copy of the 2021-2022 collection brochure here.

Spring Launch : Pottery

Spring Launch : Pottery

When you think of spring, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? For us, it’s the sign of things growing, including our collections. So this season, we are delighted to welcome Pottery, a brand new porcelain tile collection.

Pottery Porcelain Kale Green

Inspired by a beautiful pottery collection we discovered in Italy, this new porcelain tile with a smooth gloss finish is suitable for interior walls and floors, as well as exterior walls, and is available in both a 10 x 10cm square and 7.5 x 20cm brick format.

Pottery Porcelain Natural Cotton

Reminiscent of artisans who work by hand to create authentic and eclectic designs in their rural workshops, the collection features strong shading and tonal variations for a truly unique finish.

This versatile collection is comprised of five shades – Kale Green, Ocean Blue, Khaki Smoke, Oatmeal and Natural Cotton. What we love most about these hues, are the wonderful irregularities each tile brings. They make Pottery unique, and create a truly show stopping finish.

Pottery Porcelain Ocean Blue & Oatmeal

Picture Kale Green used within a kitchen, with deep green cabinetry and copper pots. Or Natural Cotton used on walls, paired with limestone flooring, a match made in heaven. When you examine Ocean Blue, you could quite easily be stood on top of a coastal cliff path, looking down at the breaking waves of a Mediterranean coastline, and then there’s Oatmeal, which feels like it’s giving you the warmest of hugs.

Pottery Porcelain Khaki Smoke paired with Muscat

Khaki Smoke brings that darkness and depth to the collection, and feels right paired with industrial style interiors, as well as contemporary, we love it paired with a marble effect tile like Muscat.

Top Tip: When sampling, we recommend ordering a couple of these tiles to see how truly unique they are.

Order your Pottery samples here.

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