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Small Wonder – Loft Bathroom Advice

Small Wonder – Loft Bathroom Advice

As more and more of us look to improve rather than move, it makes sense to consider converting the loft into an extra bedroom with ensuite. Handy for teens who have outgrown their childhood room or to provide a serene and tranquil guest suite for visiting family and friends or even simply for yourself when you fancy a room upgrade, a master bedroom with ensuite is the ultimate in luxury and it can add value to your home at the same time.

Planning the bedroom tends to involve deciding between fitted or unfitted furniture and choosing a statement bed with gorgeous flooring and wall colours to complement. The bathroom however will need a lot more planning in order to get it right. After all, most loft ensuites will be somewhat spatially challenged so it pays to plan down to the last detail. With this in mind, we have come up with our top five tips for creating a sleek and stylish loft bathroom that may be limited on space but is anything but limited on looks…

  1. Think big

The room may be small but don’t let that cramp your ideas. You can still make a big impact with your choice of tiles – walls and floor – as well as shower fittings, basin, taps and any furniture such as a vanity unit, tallboy, open shelving, mirror and so on. If you embrace the space, it tends to open up so many design possibilities and prevents you from feeling you have to compromise. Large format tiles for instance will instantly help to create an illusion of space, as there are fewer grout lines so the room appears light and airy. It’s true that pale, neutral tones promote a feeling of space but you can also be bold and go for darker tiles, a pattern or print or even a glazed tile on walls to help bounce light around the room. Don’t’ be afraid to mix it up with different tiles for the walls and floor either, just like Justin from @design_at_nineteen has done in his loft bathroom, which features Ca’ Pietra’s Long Island marble collection. It’s the perfect backdrop for on-trend matt black brassware and fittings, creating a monochrome mood with a luxe look.

  1. Keep the floor clear

By choosing a wall-hung WC and basin – or a freestanding vanity unit with countertop basin – you’ll leave the floor area clear. This has two benefits. Firstly, it makes it much easier to clean the entire space with no awkward nooks and crannies to negotiate, ideal when you have a stunning Ca’ Pietra tiled floor throughout. And second, the eye is drawn beneath the sanitary ware, which makes the room feel instantly larger. Another good trick is to go for concealed rather than exposed shower fittings – think concealed valve and fixed drencher head – as well as a frameless glass screen. By avoiding fussy finishes, the bathroom appears instantly elegant and streamlined.

  1. Choose clever lighting

Wherever possible, try to include a window or roof light into the scheme, as nothing beats natural light for enhancing a sense of space into any sized room. But whether or not you have glazing, you’ll also need a combination of clever lighting comprising task lights above or beside the mirror as well as good overall light for when using the shower. If you want to make more of a statement, you can include feature lighting such as sensor controlled smart lights or, if the sky’s the limit in terms of budget, you can also find showers with chromotherapy colour changing illumination! Make good use of mirrors to bounce light around the room and choose glazed tiling, iridescent finishes or shiny ceramics, which will all inject a light and airy feel.

  1. Opt for space-saving storage

You may have your eye on a fabulous floor-to-ceiling cabinet but forget it. In any ensuite but especially a loft bathroom, you need to think about space-saving storage as well as multipurpose pieces that provide two or more functions in one. A rustic wooden stool for instance can be used to sit on as well as a platform for towels when you step out of the shower or to hold a stack of books for a spot of bathroom reading. Look for vanity units with drawers below the basin for toiletries and make-up; mirrors with built-in shelf or one of the latest wall cabinets with mirrored front and Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to your favourite tunes as you shower. In the shower area itself, consider having some nice storage built into the tiling in the wall, as this is a really useful place to keep your shampoo and shower gel close to hand.

  1. Make it personal

Whatever size the loft bathroom, what’s really going to make it special is your own personal touch. You may want to go for that five-star hotel look and that’s easily achievable with carefully curated fixtures, fittings and accessories, but why not really go for it and tailor the space to suit your own style. This can be achieved effortlessly with your choice of tiling – at Ca’ Pietra we have so many options in all styles, sizes, colours, finishes, patterns and prints. Head to our Instagram @ca_pietra_ for plenty of inspiration from homeowners, architects, designers and influencers to see what they have used in their own projects. We love seeing what you’ve done with our tiles so don’t forget to send us some pics when you’re finished!



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