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Luna’s Shadow

Luna’s Shadow

    Luna’s Shadow

Intimate, Moody and Mysterious Green Grey



Luna's Shadow


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Proper Eggshell, Proper Matt Emulsion

Mysterious and moody, Luna’s Shadow is one of the darker statement shades in our Proper Good Paint™ palette. Inspired by the Latin word for moon, it’s so versatile that it works with almost any other colour and is perfect for enhancing a quiet, intimate space such as the bedroom, bathroom and home office.

Available in Proper Eggshell And Proper Matt Emulsion
From £4.50

BS EN71-3:2013 Safe for use on children’s toys, furniture and rooms. Manufactured under the auspices of ISO 9001:2008 quality.

Health & Safety
Keep coating materials, even if nonpoisonous, out of the reach of children. Always read the information on the tin before use. Ensure maximum ventilation during application and drying. Consult product material safety data sheet for further details.

Stir well before use. Apply using a good quality brush or roller. New brushes should be conditioned by washing in clean water and thoroughly drying with a clean, lint free, cloth. Avoid immersing brush too far into the paint to prevent paint from entering the ferrule. Avoid drips and splashes by not overloading the brush. Apply paint in even strokes and only extend painting area such that a wet edge can be easily maintained.

For the highest quality appearance, keep final brush strokes all in the same direction and never go over paint that has already begun to dry.

Brush, roller or a suitable spraying device. Use soapy water for cleaning the tools.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Please allow 2- 3 business days to receive your order.

What is your returns policy on Proper Good Paint™?

As Proper Good Paint is made to order, we do not accept returns on this product.

Can I purchase sample pots?

Hand-poured 100ml sample pots are available to purchase at £4.50. Simply visit the product page of your favourite colour and select from the drop-down options.

Is Proper Good Paint™ non-toxic?

Yes, all our paints are non-toxic. The full range is EN71-3 Certified – also known as “toy paint regulation safe”. This means it is completely safe for children’s rooms.

Is Proper Good Paint™ eco-friendly?

Yes, this range is a non-hazardous and eco-friendly product, made from locally sourced materials in an ecologically responsible way. Thanks to its composition, it is virtually innocuous for people and the environment. Proper Good Paint falls into the industry’s lowest possible eco-rating, so you do not need to worry about respiratory issues or smell as the products are virtually odourless.

What is low VOC paint?

VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals found in small quantities in many paints and other solvent-based products and coatings. The main purpose of VOCs is to preserve the product and to slow down the drying process, however excessive exposure can have negative effects to your health and environment. Choosing a low VOC product such as Proper Good Paint will reduce your exposure to harmful fumes.

Where can I use Proper Eggshell?

Proper Eggshell is suitable for all interior walls, woodwork, furniture, and metalwork – including radiators and pipes. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens or areas of high moisture.

Where can I use Proper Matt Emulsion?

Proper Matt Emulsion is suitable for all interior walls and ceilings. Ideal for living spaces, bedrooms, and hallways.

Can I use Proper Good Paint™ outside?

No, our current range is only suitable for internal use.

What is the average coverage of a 2.5L tin?

Depending on the properties of the surface, colour being used and method of application, a one litre tin of our Proper Matt Emulsion will cover approximately 37m2 and a one litre tin of our Proper Eggshell will cover approximately 32m2.

How long should I leave between each coat?

Depending on room temperature and humidity, Proper Good Paint will normally be touch dry after 30-60 minutes. The surface can be recoated after 2 hours for our Proper Matt Emulsion finish or 2-4 hours for our Proper Eggshell finish.

How should I store paint?

Please store tins in a cool but frost-free place like a garage or outhouse.

Is Proper Good Paint™ water or oil based?

All paints within this range are water based.

What is the difference between Proper Eggshell and Proper Matt Emulsion?

Proper Eggshell is tough, durable and low odour, suitable for all interior walls, woodwork, metal work (including radiators and pipes) and furniture. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, it dries to a smooth, low sheen finish.

Proper Emulsion is a non-drip, low VOC, multipurpose decorative product which dries with a matt finish, perfect for interior walls and ceilings.

Where is Proper Good Paint™ manufactured?

All our paints are manufactured in our facility in the UK. We actively source suppliers who produce in an ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. We source raw materials from local suppliers wherever possible. We are committed to sustainable manufacturing, minimising pollution and our energy and water consumption.

Do you have data sheets for your paint?

Yes, you can access them by clicking on the following:

View Proper Eggshell datasheet.

View Proper Matt Emulsion datasheet.

Where can I buy Proper Good Paint™?

Proper Good Paint is currently only available to buy via capietra.com.