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Setting The Dinner Party Scene

Setting The Dinner Party Scene

Forget laying the table to impress dinner party guests. Here’s why tiles are the ultimate mood enhancer.

We’re thinking ahead to days when we can invite friends and family over for supper, and for us stylish suppers start from the ground up. We’re updating our tiles, so that when things return to some sort of “normal”, our dinner parties can resume too.

So you like the sound of the accolade that is ‘host with the most’. You want to be the home that friends and family flock to once lockdown is over because they know it’ll always be a night to remember. You want at least one guest to be just a smidge green with envy at your supper party hosting prowess – better still, everyone in attendance. Then don’t just concentrate on the menu, what everyone will be quaffing, and bringing out your finest china. Really raise eyebrows from the ground up…

Dorchester – hosting at the heart of the action (aka, the kitchen)? Then what better foundations to lay than those that are as quintessential country as they come. Yes, the humble limestone flagstone with underfloor heating radiating beneath signals softly and serenely to guests, welcome, get comfortable and delight in all things provincial. Try the Dorchester whose fawn tones imbue understated warmth

Marlborough – take your guests to faraway shores with a terracotta-clad floor courtesy of tiles such as Marlborough. These work particularly well if your dining space is within a conservatory or garden room (because Marlborough has a distinctly outdoors-y character), or has doors opening onto a garden terrace. Serve a well-orchestrated Spanish-inspired menu to appeal to all of the senses and you’ll have a floor good enough to eat off.

Seville – for those of you who believe that your home should be just as dressed up as you are when hosting, try a traditional encaustic tile with a twist, like Seville. With its elaborate swirls on repeat, it’ll make almost any situation a swanky one. We’re picturing it en masse on a kitchen floor –wow factor guaranteed. Or, if that feels a bit too much and you don’t want to run the risk of your flooring outdoing your attire, keep it to a smaller section of your kitchen. Seville suits walls as much as floors meaning you could have it in a recess where your stove is where guests will clock it in an instant but then it’ll sit back as soon as they do.

Rotterdam – what grander setting is there than a gorgeous chevron floor? Natural wood isn’t the only way to fulfil the chevron dream. Our Rotterdam porcelain tiles are infinitely hard-wearing and have reams of tonal timber hues running through them to well and truly trick the eye. No matter which part of the home you’re hosting guests, Rotterdam translates effortlessly. Find us one guest who won’t remark or raise an impressed eyebrow. It’s called the chevron effect, and it transforms even the most modest of dinner parties into a borderline banquet.

Navajo – wall tiles aren’t just the reserve of bathrooms and kitchens, though this is where the less adventurous tend to stop them straying beyond. Take away your guests’ breath by having a feature wall in your dining room, not in a dramatic paint colour, not in a decorative wallpaper, but a patterned tile like the new Navajo. Inspired by traditional ikat, the detail in the deliberately fuzzy edges mean that it could easily be mistaken for a textured wallpaper or even fabric-clad wall. Make the statement louder still by upholstering chairs in the same style of fabric. It’ll be a conversation starter for sure.



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