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Say Hello To Aspen’s Forest

Say Hello To Aspen’s Forest

Let us introduce you to Aspen’s Forest, a natural, earthy and tranquil green shade from our Proper Good Paint™ range.

Bring the outside in and get back to nature with Aspen’s Forest, a lovely earthy shade within our collection. Perfect for creating a tranquil home, Aspen’s Forest is all about grounding yourself and feeling nourished and content in your surroundings.

In colour psychology, green is a colour that can evoke powerful emotions. As we know, it is a dominant colour in nature, that encourages feelings of growth, renewal and life. Associated with refreshment, peace, rest and security, green paint works particularly well in bedrooms and living spaces.

Aspen's Forest paired with Tri Black porcelain tiles

Aspen’s Forest is a smoky green, making it an incredibly versatile shade that can work in most areas of the home, and within most schemes. For those wanting to play it safe, Aspen’s Forest offers that comfort blanket of reassurance. Update kitchen walls and cupboards with Aspen’s Forest, pairing it with traditional timber worktops, Belfast sink and brushed stainless steel appliances. Add some natural plants or herbs to create a calming space, perfect for cooking up a storm. For those wanting to add a little bit of spice to their kitchen, add Parisians Café Porcelain in Tri Black to create a statement floor.

Aspen's Forest, featured on Claire Latchem's faux living wall

It’s no secret that pink and green work particularly well together in interiors, and our very own Senior Graphic Designer, @clairelatchem has executed that perfectly within her own home with a faux living feature wall. What was a dark and relatively unused area within Claire’s home, is now a creative and funky conversation piece (and subtle homage to Dave Grohl) in her Bristol home. Recreate the look using Aspen’s Forest as the ideal backdrop, faux plants and light from @customneon.

Aspen's Forest paired with gold accessories

For that touch of luxury at home, introduce green and gold into your bedroom. With both colours found in elements of the natural world, they work in an effortlessly harmonious way that rarely goes wrong when brought into interior design. We recommend painting all four bedroom walls in Aspen’s Forest including skirtings, door frames and the internal door also to create that seamless finish. Add accents of gold through accessories, such as a gold framed bed, wall mounted photo frames, and green velvet ottoman with gold legs for the foot of the bed.

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