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Round To Theirs: Inside Lisa Dawson’s Home

Round To Theirs: Inside Lisa Dawson’s Home

From hallway to bathroom, influencer Lisa Dawson reveals two newly tiled rooms in her barn conversion project in York.

Who doesn’t appreciate a poke around someone else’s home when in search of interiors inspo? It’s a want that becomes all the more fervent when that someone is an influencer whose home attracts more than 150,000 followers on Instagram. Yes, vintage-obsessed, award-winning interiors blogger Lisa Dawson opens the doors to her swoon-worthy home every day of the week via @_lisa_dawson_, but it’s only recently that she’s revealed pictures of her freshly tiled hallway and bathroom. A stunning showcase of the Ca’ Pietra collection, she invited us in to see the results…

Making an entrance – Piazza Geo Pearl paves the way

The hallway is where your interior makes its first impression, so it goes without saying that you want it to be a good one.

Lisa set her sights on renovating their garage, which was in effect, a sizeable barn, ripe for converting. It meant she had another opportunity at working her magic of blowing people away with her eye for design.

So, what was the brief she set herself? Being an area she intended to use as her workspace but also as a place for guests to stay, and even to rent out as an occasional Airbnb, first and foremost she wanted the hallway to be practical. “We live close by to the Yorkshire Wolds (in fact, you can see them from the driveway) and I’m anticipating that many of our Airbnb guests will be walkers,” she wrote on her blog. That meant her flooring couldn’t be anything that required lots of TLC and would be quick and easy to clean up any muddy footsteps.

Just as important though was Lisa’s desire for the hallway to be seen and used as a room in its own right. “ My favourite ever hallway of any home we’ve ever had was our previous home in Caversham.  It was super spacious, more spacious than you would have imagined from the outside and as a result, was almost a room in itself.  I regularly switched up the seating and added sideboards and rugs to make it feel welcoming.  When I started converting the garage into a liveable space last year, I knew that I wanted the entrance area in The Barn to have a similar feel,” she continued.

Practical, low maintenance but also a tile that was dressed to impress where guests would enjoy being in its company – what might she have chosen?

Being a brave, confident decorator, Lisa picked out our Piazza Geo Pearl tiles. Large format (measuring 80 x 80cm) and full of geometric shape and pops of colour, there’s no questioning their impact. Walk on in and you’re greeted with fun and freshness in equal measure. And, they’re perfectly suited to a mid-century or retro style of decor but not so era-specific that they don’t sit back with traditional features such as her cast iron radiators.

“I’m so happy with the result.  It’s really impactful and looks fabulous with the Bone Black [Zoffany] paintwork on the doors, whilst juxtaposing beautifully with the natural brick outside on the mini patio,” Lisa said of her Ca’ Pietra tiles underfoot. The Ca ‘ Pietra team couldn’t be happier either – we’re thrilled to see the terrazzo trend and our Piazza porcelain tiles presented so beautifully!

See things sunny side up – Colour Pop Ceramic presents the tangerine dream

Barn doors shut behind you, follow the terrazzo tile path to Lisa’s shower room that she designed to make the most of every inch of the available space. Inside she’s packed in a sizeable sink and shelf, loo, towel radiator and walk-in shower with chrome fittings rather than her usual go-to of gold or brass.

Bathroom fixtures to one side, it’s time to talk tiles. So that there was a soothing sense of flow from room to room, Lisa kept to her hallway’s Piazza Geo Pearl tiles for the bathroom floor. By letting the same tile remain in each room, it has the happy consequence of each room feeling that bit bigger because there’s no interruption between the two thresholds. “The Piazza Geo Pearl Porcelain is a jumbo terrazzo-effect and the moment I spotted it, I knew how well it would work.  They’re large tiles – 80cm x 80cm – and contrast beautifully with the Salmao Colour Pop [more on those in the next paragraph].  They also work really well with the Bone Black door paintwork and ribbed glass.  Super effective,” Lisa scribbled down on her blog.

Floor settled, Lisa turned her attention to the wall tiles – very excitedly so. Being a big fan of all things monochrome, she was keen to push herself beyond her comfort zone in the barn, and looked to the orange-hued segments in the Piazza Geo Pearl tiles for inspiration. That’s what lead her to the tangerine tones of our small, simple and square Colour Pop Ceramic tiles – a collection that leaves the colour to do all the talking. “Salmao was the perfect choice for the shower room and I knew that it would add impact. It’s 10cm x 10cm square shape gives the space a seventies feel which I love and the colour is both striking and a mood lifter for those dark mornings.  The shower space has been tiled floor to ceiling, as has the vanity area, with the toilet and radiator sides on half wall. It’s colour pop never fails to make me happy,” Lisa wrote.

If you read ‘vanity area’ and wondered how that could even be doable, take a closer look at the images where you can see Lisa had their builder, Mike create a bespoke floating shelf vanity with her Ca’ Pietra tiles covering its entirety. He protected them on the top surface with a sheet of tempered glass, and the whole thing ensures the room feels as open as possible – especially important as this was a room with no natural light.

And there you have it. Two rooms, two types of tile, and one very happy Ca’ Pietra home ready to be rented for all and sundry to enjoy as much as a very content Lisa!





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