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Create an impact with Terrazzo tiles

Create an impact with Terrazzo tiles

Create an impact with Terrazzo tiles

How can you make an impact in your home without it being too overwhelming? Well, you could take a look at our Terrazzo collection. These stunning tiles, which are available in a variety of designs from pure plain to a selection of vibrant patterns, will energise and bring personality to your space.

Terrazzo has a long and enduring history – it is thought to date back to the Neolithic era and was originally created from marble chips set in clay and sealed with goat milk. This material has stood the test of time and is used to create walls and floors by exposing tiny chips of marble and other materials on the surface of the finished concrete. The terrazzo style offers a charming and unique, mottled appearance that is still used to beautify the most stylish homes today.

Our collection of terrazzo tiles is still made by hand and uses natural pigments, so they retain that vintage handmade charm. But, because of the cement and marble content, they are very durable so they can be used for high traffic and commercial use, and need only a coat of sealer before and after grouting.

These tiles are easy to fall in love with as they add instant charisma to your living space. The patterned tiles in our Terrazzo collection take centre stage and bring a bespoke and enchanting element to your home with plenty of visual energy. For instance, the geometric design of the Porto Romana, with its optically challenging design, and the Monza tile, with its gentle waves in tones of grey and beige really catch the eye, creating a crisp, ordered yet inspired look. Imagine them in a modern space with simple, modern furniture and fittings.

Our Morrocan-style Firenze and Pavia patterned terrazzo tiles bring an immediate classical homeliness to your space without being too overwhelming. These tiles do away with the need for any other adornment in the room, so you can keep everything else simple. Use with pared back, stripped wood furnishings to accentuate the natural tones of the tiles.

We have the simple and beautiful, mottled grey of the Midnight Field tile, which brings a fresh and modern look to a room and is the perfect flooring for a space with lots of colour. Then we have the Terrazzo Snow Field. It’s pale nearly-white tones will make any home look almost heavenly.

Terrazzo has a long history for a reason –  because it is beautiful and it is durable, making it the perfect solution for flooring in any style of home. Take a look at our full selection to be inspired.


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