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Projects That Spark Joy – International Day Of Happiness

Projects That Spark Joy – International Day Of Happiness

If it’s not in your diary already, grab a pen and start making some plans, because 20th March marks International Day of Happiness. Just over one year on from the UK’s first national lockdown, what better occasion to focus all our efforts on that of the greater good, on positivity, on kindness in the community?

To mark the day, team Ca’ Pietra has gathered five of the most recent home décor projects that have sparked joy, whether because of their upbeat tile colour palette or the mood they evoke.

@Frenchlottie’s mood-boosting kitchen

@frenchlottie – Charlotte and Ben

Nourishing walls in blush pink (for a similar hue, try Ophelia’s Blush), sunshine yellow tiles that are as feel-good as they come (from our popular Lily Pad collection) and deep, zen blue kitchen cabinetry (recreate the look with Astrid’s Cornflower) – there’s a lot to love in @frenchlottie’s London townhouse kitchen.

@frenchlottie – Charlotte and Ben

Back in November when she did her first kitchen renovation big reveal, she wrote: “pink & yellow. What happens when you put two happy colours together? Joy!” A sentiment with which we agree wholeheartedly.

@design_at_nineteen’s Mediterranean-dreams garden

We love nothing more than seeing a patterned tile in the garden. As much as a creamy-coloured flagstone looks the part, there’s something uplifting about seeing a tile that’s just a bit more punchy and playful.

Cue blogger Justin’s Ibizan vibe garden complete with the necessary limestone slabs that pave the way to his dreamy pergola. It’s here that you’ll find not just a dining area and cocooning rattan swing seat but a section of the garden decorated in our Parisian Café Tri Black Porcelain tiles – heaven sent.

@_lisa_dawson_’s buzzy orange bathroom

Orange – the colour that the fashion industry has proclaimed you should cover yourself in head to toe this summer. For good reason – orange is energising, warming and is associated with boundless enthusiasm.

It’s no surprise then that the tangerine-tastic bathroom belonging to writer @_lisa_dawson_ reached our joyful project edit. With our Colour Pop wall tiles in vibrant Salmao covering walls and worktop accompanied by our Piazza Geo Pearl tiles on the floor, we imagine it’d be pretty hard to leave the room without feeling upbeat. No wonder it’s Lisa’s favourite room in the house!

@lustliving’s positive affirmation entryway

Your hallway is the space to set the mood for your whole house, to make a good first impression, to make you smile as you close the door and to feel happy to be home the moment you push it back open. That’s why we simply had to include Olivia of @lustliving’s positive mantra hallway where she’s used our micro mosaic Yoga Penny tiles in Blush and contrasting Tempest to etch out the words: You Look Good.

Even if nobody happens to be home, you’re guaranteed to leave the house with a compliment on the daily which is only ever a good thing in our book.

@erica_davies beautifully balanced bedroom palette

Happiness comes in many forms. It can be about making you feel calm and contented as much as it can be a case of feeling full of beans and rearing to go. And the colours that you use in your home play a big part in determining what sort of happiness mood you’d like your decor to channel.

That tale of two happy halves is narrated to perfection in fashion editor @erica_davies bedroom where she’s blended peaceful Zale’s Powder on the ceiling and rich and stimulating Otto’s Gold across her woodwork, from doors to skirting. Warm and inviting, rich and happy, and a room that evokes pure joy – just a few snippets from the hundreds of comments she received on the transformation.

Colour me happy indeed!


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