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Perfectly Paired – Five Pairings For Our Porcelain Hampshire Collection

Perfectly Paired – Five Pairings For Our Porcelain Hampshire Collection

It’s no secret we adore patterned tiles at Ca’ Pietra – their energy, their excitement, their elegance. Love them as we do, they need to be balanced out with a calmer, steadier tile, and one of our favourite collections to turn to are our porcelain Hampshire tiles. From the warm neutral Bone finish to the deep grey Graphite, read on as we pick a tile and paint pairing for all five finishes in the  collection.

Hampshire Bone x Vintage Crackle Siena

Starting with our light taupe tile that adds an undercurrent of warmth to your room (especially if you use it with an underfloor heating system with which our Hampshire collection is more than compatible), the Hampshire Bone tile is a hardwearing alternative to natural limestone flooring in both country or modern homes.

Instead of putting it with a patterned tile, we love the idea of making this pairing all about colour. Because of its greige colourway, Hampshire Bone is a perfect foil for all kinds of colour; you can take it down the cool colour route with teals and cool blues or warm it right up with a tile like the fiery Vintage Crackle Siena. So much more than a classic metro tile, its ceramic surface has a subtle crackle effect that gives it a slightly aged feel and the clay-meets-coral hue will be a winner whether it’s laid out vertically in a shower cubicle or in a brick format behind the hob.

Paint pairing: Astrid’s Cornflower

Like we said, Hampshire Bone cuts both ways: cool and warm tones. Try it then in a modern Shaker kitchen with cabinetry painted in our deep-sea blue paint, Astrid’s Cornflower. Carry the same flooring through to your utility room but to mix things up a little, leave any kitchen units in a neutral paint like Maggie’s Cloud.

Hampshire Graphite x Istanbul Marble Mosaic

Next up is our darkest version of the Hampshire tile – Graphite. A brown-based grey tone, it means that like Bone, you won’t end up with a room that feels cool and uninviting.

Large in format and hardwearing, it makes for a genius hallway tile but it’s also a smart choice for a modern bathroom complete with matte black taps and shower fixtures. Because it’s a cost-effective tile too, you might be able to push the budget on a statement accent tile like the Istanbul Marble Mosaic – even if it’s just on a single aspect of your bathroom, like behind the sink.

Paint pairing: Birdie’s Grey

Back to the kitchen, imagine a floor in Hampshire Graphite, perhaps with a textured jute rug under the kitchen table, then a splashback in  Istanbul Marble Mosaic with walls painted in warm-toned Birdie’s Grey. Could there be a better match to highlight the subtle warming notes in all three finishes? A unified scheme is guaranteed and one that’s totally tranquil to spend time in.

Hampshire Grey x Atlantis Scallop Thyme

One of the cooler colours in the Hampshire collection, the utilitarian Grey finish is a cost-effective alternative to poured concrete floorings. Pale and interesting, it has dappled areas to nod to the character of a natural stone and looks super chic when you continue it up the wall part-way – a handy tip to make a small space feel larger as you blur the lines between where the floor starts and ends.

Carrying on with small space thinking, too much pattern can overwhelm a small bathroom or kitchen, so keeping a patterned tile to only half of the walls is a wise idea. Try a simple tile that creates pattern through its shaping like Atlantis Scallop – an Art Deco, fan-shaped tile that creates a scallop repeat. Sage is a good tonal match for Hampshire Grey – a muted, cool green that’s a good amount of earthy too.

Paint pairing: Cassia’s Terracotta

Say you want the poured concrete effect but you don’t want your overall scheme to feel too chilly. In which case, warm up the Hampshire Grey tile with a paint like Cassia’s Terracotta – the richest, most grounding new neutral in town.

Hampshire Perla x Parisian Cafe Lilas

From one grey to another, Hampshire Perla is a cooler grey but one with plenty of softness – there’s no risk of it making your room feel cold and clinical, trust us. Think of it as a pretty, dove grey that you can prettify all the more with a patterned tile pairing like Parisian Cafe Lilas.

If you have a wet room and want to demarcate the different zones through your floor tiling, you could use Hampshire Perla on the main portion of your bathroom floor and then Parisian Cafe Lilas in the shower section – either just on the floor or on the walls too. Or if you’ve used Hampshire Perla in your contemporary kitchen and have an adjoining laundry room, Parisian Cafe Lilas is a lovely continuation of tone.

Paint pairing: Eden’s Meadow

Contrast the ever-so delicate and demure Hampshire Perla tile with a strong paint finish that’s got complementary cool undertones like Eden’s Meadow. Cooler than forest green, it’s a hue that works in homes of our interior tastes from Mid-Century to modern day decor that longs for a bold splash of colour.

Hampshire Cliff Decor x Nova Peacock

The final tile in the Hampshire collection is not quite what you’d expect. Not a square flagstone nor smooth in finish, the Hampshire Cliff Decor range is inspired by rugged cliffside vistas, as the name suggests. Made up of multiple vertical strips of porcelain, each tile looks textured and is full of light and shade.

Available in three finishes – Graphite, Bone and Grey – you can pair this version with the same tonal matches above, or for something totally new, don’t rule out a pattern-heavy tile like Nova. Patterned in shape (each tile is hexagonal) and in the starburst motif with which each one is detailed, together they’ll make a room feel alive in harmonious hues, reach-out-and-touch texture and fun-loving pattern.

There might be six different Nova colourways on offer, but if we had to pick one to work with all three finishes of Hampshire Cliff Decor, we’d go Peacock.

Paint pairing: Luna’s Shadow

And to our final paint pairing – one that also works with all three finishes of Hampshire Cliff Decor and one that would sit well in a scheme with the Nova Peacock tile too to tone things down.

Luna’s Shadow is a moody green-grey tone that’s effortlessly elegant and incredibly calming. We love the idea of this tile and paint pairing in an ensuite bathroom to build a zen environment for time spent in the tub or in a minimal, Scandi kitchen filled with woody accents.


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