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Perfect Pairings – Paint & Tile Couplings

Perfect Pairings – Paint & Tile Couplings

Perfect Pairings – Paint & Tile Couplings


Last month saw the launch of our 35-strong paint collection, Proper Good Paint™. Designed to work on walls as much as woodwork, in bedrooms as much as in bathrooms and to match harmoniously with tiles coloured and au natural, it’s a versatile collection of colours to say the least. To kick off November though, we asked Ca’ Pietra’s creative director Hamish to curate both our tile and paint collections, distilling them down to the five pairings he’s crushing over most right now.

Algarve Encaustic x Luna
s Shadow

“Opening with one of our newest encaustic tiles, Algarve is named such because it takes me straight back to travels across Portugal where these traditional, patterned tiles are luxuriously commonplace.

“Coloured in a tonal blend of mid-blue, two types of green – one rich and verdant, the other a far softer mint green – and warm, earthy putty grey, there are a lot of options when it comes to which paint to pair it with. It all comes down to how much drama you want in the room and how much focus you want there to be on the pattern or the colour. For example, choose something like Astrid’s Cornflower to dramatise the blue element and you’ll have a highly impactful scheme that’s all about the palette.

“If I had to choose however, I’d go for more of a rich neutral that blends well with Algarve Encaustic’s colouring and sets it off perfectly, but neither one that takes away from the pattern. For me, to steal the focus from that is a shame as that’s the true beauty of the tile. Try Luna’s Shadow – a dark paint colour yes, but one that’s grounded and calming so behaves very much like a neutral. It’s a good balance between the putty and the green tones in the tile so harmonises well but sits back in the scheme so that your eye is drawn immediately to the starburst print.”

Bamboo Blush x Amaras Slipper

“This very fine porcelain tile collection is made up of multiple matchsticks (inspired by bamboo canes) coloured in a range of tones, such as Blush – one of my personal favourites.

“The grout you choose to go with Bamboo Blush Porcelain is best in an understated pale tone – off-white so that the contrast is soft rather than pure white grout which is a bit too stark for this colourway. Therefore, the paint partner that you choose should follow a similar mindset to enjoy this tile to the maximum. My suggestion would be to colour match your grout to the paint colour so that there’s real synergy between every detail in the room and it all flows beautifully.

“Try Amara’s Slipper here. It’s a very balanced cream that’s got a deeper base rather than anything traditional and yellow that could spoil the quietly contemporary nature of the tile. We describe this colour as having ethereal elegance, and for me, it complements the Bamboo tile splendidly with its uncomplicated lines and slim silhouette.”

Blenheim Beige x Savannahs Moss

“Now to something more muted with these neutral porcelain tiles that are designed to echo the character of a natural flagstone. The Blenheim collection comes in a few finishes but this beige hue is one that I find particularly versatile, suiting kitchens and bathrooms but also with enough warmth in its colouring to lend a sense of grandeur to a sitting room.

“Being a plain, neutral tile it suits essentially every colour in our Proper Good Paint™ collection from Brook’s Black at one end to Peggy’s Stone at the other. But at this time of year, I’m really drawn to Savannah’s Moss. One of our most pigmented, most bold colours of all, this enigmatic green has such incredible stage presence that it needs a tile that provides steady ground. Neutral tiles encourage me to be daring and Savannah’s Moss is certainly that.” 

Brasserie Mosaic Burgundy x Ashers Cranberry

“Continuing with the bold and beautiful theme, another of the more powerful paints in the palette is Asher’s Cranberry. A sensual colour that suits lofty Victorian properties to a tee, I love it in cosy spots like a snug where it draws you in with a book and a blanket, but it’s also a handsome shade for a master bathroom or if you want to make a statement in your downstairs loo.

“Because on first glance, this colour seems so suited to period properties, what I love to pair it with to bring into more contemporary spaces is our new Brasserie Mosaic tiles, but specifically in Cranberry. They’re so well-matched in tone that your room becomes a really compelling scheme where you truly run wild with rich, berry red. This all-over application of confident colour combined with a geometric mosaic will make your bathroom feel immediately alive, dynamic and very modern indeed.”

Marble Luxe Laurant x Cassias Terracotta

“Think of marble and you’re likely to first go to forever elegant slabs of white Carrara with its delicate grey veining. But with our new marble-effect porcelain tiles, we’ve perfected a finish that moves marble to the dark side – a glossy onyx black with dramatic veining.

“You could go down the monochrome route and pair these glamorous tiles with one of our white paints like Maple’s Cloth or Ren’s White, but I love to hone in on the ever-so bronzed elements that you see in some parts of the veining and emphasise those with our Cassia’s Terracotta paint. Just picture a bathroom with Marble Luxe Laurant tiles on the walls and on the floor and then a cast iron bath tub painted in this burnt, Siena hue – heaven.”

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