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Pantone Colour Of The Year 2021

Pantone Colour Of The Year 2021


The eagerly anticipated Pantone Colour Of The Year 2021 has finally been released, and after a tough 2020 we think they’ve made the perfect choice.

Deemed colours that together ‘represent hope and resilience’, the elements that make up the bright and cheery PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating and PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray come together to support one another, encapsulating deeper feelings of thoughtfulness and well-being.

Taking inspiration from Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, we’ve created the perfect look book for what we’re sure are set to be the trend setting colours of the year to come.


Illuminating Yellows


Sophie Robinson, a renowned Interior Designer known for her love of colour, shares her tips on yellow in your home, “Yellow is high on energy. It’s the colour of happiness and just communicates positivity. I love to use yellow in my home for these reasons and have a pop in almost every room. It’s a great colour to use in social spaces like hallways and a breakfast room for example.”

Without doubt our bestselling tile, Lily Pad comes in an array of stunning colours, including the beautiful and mood-lifting Custard yellow. A versatile product, Lily Pad can be used on both walls and floors and thanks to its composition, is low maintenance too.



New for 2020 and already finding it’s way into influencers homes is Proper Good Paint™, a collection of 35 eco-friendly paint shades. Two colours that really stand out for us are Harper’s Sunshine and Otto’s Gold. Oozing luxury from every pore, Otto’s Gold is dripping in opulence with its rich, gold vibe. Classic and contemporary all at once, this bold colour gives any space a statement finish.



The perfect pick-me-up, Harper’s Sunshine is a zingy lemon shade and not a far cry from PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. Harper manages to be both pastel and primary at the same time and is a lovely refreshing tone for kitchens and bedrooms, working well with accent tones and all interior styles.



Inspired by the seaside town in Devon, our Seaton Sunshine ceramic tile is perfect for projecting optimism and vivacity in any space. Used in a kitchen or bathroom, Seaton Sunshine will certainly give us that hug we all need on those wet and dull days that make us feel oh so down.


Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at Neapolitan and Dolly.


The Ultimate Greys


Sophie continues, “Sitting perfectly between black and white, grey is the ultimate neutral. This is because it has little effect on us emotionally and as a result can feel non-committal and care-free. But like white we rarely use pure grey and it’s often got a tint of another colour. So, ask yourself if you are opting for a green grey, a warm grey tinged with yellow or a cool blue grey, as grey will take on some of their effects.”

Swimming their way into bathroom and kitchen interiors, our Atlantis scallop porcelain mosaic tiles in grey will add depth and personality to any design scheme. The mosaic tiles are inspired by the coast with a crackle glaze to add a beautiful iridescent finish to these fish scale shaped tiles.


Oasis Grey (left) and Dolly Pale Grey (right)


With a Moroccan Zellige feel, our Oasis ceramic tiles in a lovely neutral grey help to add texture to interior walls. More traditional in shape, Oasis boasts varying tones which help to create interest and will easily transform a room.

Our Dolly collection proves that neutral tiles don’t mean a bland finish. With an elegant curved edge, our Pale Grey shade is ideal as a feature splashback in kitchens, bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites. It also works beautifully as an all-round wall covering, and can be laid vertically or horizontally.



To create the ultimate feeling of steadiness and resilience, discover Madison’s Dove, and Charlotte’s Whisper from our Proper Good Paint™ collection. Madison’s Dove is a timeless, versatile and effortless cool tone compared with Charlotte’s Whisper, a neutral, understated and delicate soft grey – helping you to create the exact look you are searching for.


Looking for more inspiration? Take a look at Plume, Parisian Cafe and Lily Pad.




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