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Micro-Trend: Terrazzo

Micro-Trend: Terrazzo

Dating back to the 15th century and initially created in Venice, terrazzo is a unique and attractive material, originally formed by mixing a range of natural stone and glass. In modern day, terrazzo tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and in different materials too, including porcelain that mimics the original perfectly. By using porcelain, it makes the tile low-maintenance and lighter in weight which makes them perfect for cladding to walls. Bring that Italian feeling home with terrazzo and create stylish and exciting spaces, reminiscent of weekend getaways.

When it comes to our real terrazzo collection, we find they retain their vintage, handmade charm, but the marble content makes them very durable and perfect for busy homes. Over time our terrazzo tiles create a beautiful lived-in look.

Where To Use Terrazzo Tiles

Piazza Geo Graphite

As confirmed by Vogue, we know terrazzo tiles are not just for floors anymore and we love seeing them used on countertops, as splashbacks, and on walls too. Whether you’re creating an industrial look, or an open planned living space, terrazzo can complement pretty much any style, including outdoor spaces.

Picture a morning espresso during summer months, perched on cast iron patio chairs with terrazzo style Piazza Geo Graphite underfoot, creating your very own private piazza. Close your eyes and you’ll immediately travel to sunny Italy.

Why Terrazzo Style Tiles?

Piazza Geo Pearl

The traditional way of creating Terrazzo tiles is to mix recycled glass and natural stone, such as marble, granite and quartz. It is then polished, honed or sandblasted depending on the desired finish. This of course is an expensive process, and ultimately creates a costly end product.

Terrazzo style tiles offer a more cost effective, yet just as hardwearing product. Porcelain tiles are incredibly durable, making it a fantastic alternative to natural stone, without compromising on style. They are also much easier to install, thanks to the many different sizes available – take our new 60×60 format of Piazza Geo Pearl for example, you’ll need just 2.78 tiles to cover a m2, making them ideal for creating that seamless look between walls and floors.

How do I clean terrazzo tiles?

Modella Guba Porcelain

When it comes to porcelain terrazzo-effect tiles, you’re in luck, there’s very little to think about because as we have already touched on, they need very little maintenance. You can mop them, scrub them, spill stuff on them and they will wipe up as good as new.

If you have opted for one of our cement-based terrazzo tiles, then they will need a little more TLC. To avoid staining, clean up any spillages as soon as possible, keep floors free from loose dust and grit as much as possible to avoid the “sandpaper” effect. Clean the product with a neutral cleaning solution (avoid harsh chemicals and bleach!) and make sure to regularly seal the tiles to protect them.

How do I grout terrazzo tiles?

Modella Zelten Multi Porcelain

When it comes to grouting our terrazzo tiles, we suggest steering clear of a dark grout (like black or dark grey) to prevent the paler areas of some terrazzo patterns becoming stained. We also recommend that you seal your tiles, this will help to protect them and assist them in getting that beautiful, aged patina. When it comes to porcelain you are free to pick the grout that you feel works best with your scheme.

Do I need to seal terrazzo tiles?

Venice Blue Porcelain

Terrazzo-effect porcelain tiles do not need sealing but our cement-based terrazzo certainly does. When installing make sure the surface of each tile is level, clean and dry. You can clean them with our STONE ESSENTIALS Deep Clean. Next, treat the tiles with an impregnating sealant such as our STONE ESSENTIALS Stain Block, as this will protect them from staining. This should be applied after they have been installed but before they are grouted. You should apply a second coat after grouting.

Our Terrazzo Picks

Pisa Earth Porcelain

Calling on several Insta-worthy trends, our Pisa Earth Porcelain tile ticks all the boxes – pink – hexagon – terrazzo and easy to care for. Pisa is a heavily detailed tile, replicating the original perfectly. We particularly adore the hints of peach, terracotta, and white within this product, and love to see it in bathrooms with black brassware. Also available in Teal & Grey.

Piazza Pearl Porcelain

If you’re looking for something more subtle, we recommend our Piazza Pearl Porcelain. A delicately light grey tile, with speckles of white, this large format tile picks up the light beautifully. Being 80x80cm, we think it works wonderfully in kitchens, helping to create a really bright and open space.

Modella Graphite Field

More of a traditionalist? The Modella Graphite Field tile’s deep and dark tones call on its granite cousins. With a satin-finish, this product comes in a neat 20x20cm format, making it a fantastic addition to bathroom splashbacks or fireplace surrounds.

Terrazzo Firenze

Wanting to incorporate some pattern? Take a look at Terrazzo Firenze. These handmade terrazzo tiles have a vintage charm about them that will add interest to even the smallest of floors and walls. Think hallways or within the downstairs cloakroom.

Terrazzo Porta Romana

For something a little different, take a look at Terrazzo Porta Romana. It’s 3D style pattern adds a hint of playfulness, meaning it works well in entertaining spaces such as dining rooms, whilst it’s colour scheme means it’s not overpowering. Overall, a really lovely and charming tile.


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