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Introducing Zale’s Powder

Introducing Zale’s Powder

Say hello to Zale’s Powder, a calming and mysterious classic powder blue shade from our Proper Good Paint™ range.

Proper Good Paint's Zale's Powder

Inspired by the Greek name meaning Sea Strength, Zale’s Powder combines a calming feel with all the mysteries of the ocean. A strong, focused shade within the collection, with a hint of windswept high seas and crashing waves, it works wonderfully in both classic and contemporary schemes.

When looking at colour psychology, blue helps to create feelings of calmness and serenity and is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure and orderly. Seen as a sign of stability and reliability, blue is an ideal colour for hallways, bathrooms and adult bedrooms thanks to its balancing properties.

Zale's Powder used in Erica Davies master ensuite

The cool blue tones found within Zale’s Powder work great in small spaces such as cloakrooms and ensuites. Erica Davies has proved the effectiveness of blue in her master ensuite bathroom. Utilising Zale’s Powder for the walls and ceiling, Erica has created a fresh space. Paired with Neapolitan Porcelain in Aqua Green, we love the contrasting mustard accessories which flows effortlessly with the decor found in the master bedroom (where you’ll spot our opulent Otto’s Gold paint shade too).

Zale's Powder, paired with wood-effect porcelain tile, and neutral paint shades

To open up hallways, take inspiration from Erica’s use of Proper Good Paint™ by painting skirting boards, door frames and even doors in Zale’s Powder. Paired with a soft neutral on the walls such as Maple’s Cloth or Peggy’s Stone, this will really help to open up any narrow and dark spaces. Match that with a wood-effect porcelain tile on the floor such as Chesil XL in Rondane. The long 30 x 180cm planks will also help to make the space feel even larger, and we love the beachy weathered feel this particular finish creates.

Zale's Powder, paired with marble wall tiles and mono hex floor

The versatility of Zale’s Powder is what is most impressive. Although blue in itself can act as an appetite suppressant, we often see it used within kitchen spaces (probably to reduce the amount of snacking while preparing our evening meals!). To create a contemporary, yet traditional space, update kitchen cabinets with this shade. Suitable for use on woodwork, coat kitchen cabinets and cupboards with a layer or two of Zale’s Powder Proper Eggshell to create a fresh and clean space. For those wanting to add a touch of luxury, pair with our 10 x 30.5cm Long Island Marble Honed Brick for splashbacks, and Mono Hex Porcelain in Blanc for the floors. Add silver cupboard handles and a traditional brushed stainless-steel tap for a classic finish.

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