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How To Use Colour To Solve Design Dilemmas

How To Use Colour To Solve Design Dilemmas

How To Use Colour To Solve Design Dilemmas

Whether you’re facing a style conundrum in the box room in your home, your downstairs cloakroom or even your utility room, discover interior designer Sophie Robinson’s take on how colour can help solve the most common design dilemmas…


Dark Rooms

If you have a room that lacks natural light, maybe its north facing, the colours you choose for the walls are crucial. There is a well versed piece of interior design advice that you should paint dark rooms yellow to make them feel sunnier. Or paint them white to try and ramp up the light. I wholeheartedly disagree with both pieces of advice. You have to be honest about your spaces and if it’s dark, yellow will look dank and white will just look grey and depressing.Instead, embrace the darkness and I’d opt for a bold colour on the walls. Either something inky and deep to create a dramatic and cosy vibe or a really saturated bright that will pop against contrasting accessories and give the room some uplift.


Small Rooms

The main concern with small rooms is how to make them feel bigger. This is often a problem we need to tackle with bathrooms. My personal take on small rooms is to go high on the drama. The proportions of the room aren’t thereto create impact so you need to do it with the colour and design. In small bathrooms I like to tile all the walls, all the way round the room, up to the ceiling. What this does is minimises the different surfaces and finishes and so helps make the space appear more spacious. I’d also avoid any borders or feature walls as this just carves up the space visually. If you are not worried about your small space appearing bigger and just want to celebrate the petite proportions then I think you can have a lot of fun adding pattern. I’m not adverse to wallpaper in a bathroom but a patterned tiled floor tile is another great option.


Utility Rooms

The clue here is in the name. Any room like the pantry, laundry room,cloakroom, downstairs loo or boot room can be underestimated in the design department. I think just because they are a small space with a practical purpose doesn’t mean you can’t have real fun with the design. Quite often durability is an issue so I think tiling up to either dado height or picture rail height is a sensible idea and a great opportunity to add colour and texture. Then why not consider painting the walls in a matching colour for a streamlined look? Because these are rooms used occasionally, I dare you to be bold here!


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