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Hit Refresh – How To Update Your Home Decor With Tiles

Hit Refresh – How To Update Your Home Decor With Tiles

Now that January is here, are you taking a long, hard look at an area in your home and thinking that it’s in need of some TLC? January does that to you. We say embrace change, scratch that interiors itch and update your decor as you see fit, be it something as small as finally tiling that splash back behind the cloakroom sink in your downstairs loo or repainting an entire room, ceiling to skirting boards. In this first of our two-part series of January home updates we concentrate on tiles, and five ways you can bring them into your schemes to ring the changes.

Pave a decorative deck in a winter garden

Who says you can’t enjoy your garden in the deepest month of winter? The grass may be struggling and any outdoor sofas for sun loungers are likely to be unoccupied, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t celebrate your terrace.

Think outside the box and look in the direction of decorative outdoor tiles – that’s right, slabs of limestone or slate aren’t the only option when it comes to garden paving.

Think about what sort of statement you want to make, perhaps you can reinvent your decking. Choose something like Brompton that’s upbeat and busy in pattern if you want that section of your garden to feel energised – is that where most of your entertaining happens and you want there to be a party-like vibe? Or if you want something toned-down, look at collections such as Parisian Café, specifically designs like Angelina, Paix, Flore and Lilas. If you have bi-fold doors and your kitchen, for example, opens up onto the decking, continue the same tiling so that your interior and exterior worlds meld into one. We also adore Piazza if you’re looking for something larger format.

Tile your fireplace

The hearth? The surround? Both? It’s entirely up to you, but whatever shape your fireplace takes, it’s a project ripe for picking.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an original Victorian fireplace at home, you can either sing to its heritage and tile the hearth with something like Ashley Encaustic, or perhaps something simple like our Field Encaustic tiles, you could even add a modern twist with a tile from a collection like Colour Pop.

Terracotta tiles are another worthy fireplace option, rich with the same warmth as the members within, and working with rustic interiors as much as industrial ones with a blackened woodburner.

Style up your splash back

If you’re in search of the tiniest bit of your home to tile, a splash back is a sure-fire bet. They can be as small as a few tiles and nothing more – think diddy cloakroom in a downstairs loo – or a larger expanse in the kitchen to cater for spitting spans at the stove. Whichever splash back has your attention, they take little time to lay, little cost to source, and still have real stage presence.

A favourite tile of ours for a more subtle splash back is the Bamboo collection which, plain as they are, give a nod to pattern with their matchstick effect. The Atlantis Scallop and Gelato Mosaic collections do something similar with its tile shape giving rise to a pattern of sorts, but their scalloping is much more decorative. Keeping your colour palette muted but introducing a touch more pattern are tiles such as Brick Lane Buxton Street. Or, go for both colour and pattern, with a tile like Solar Planet.

Relay your hallway flooring

A bigger commitment yes, but quite often, hallways are one of the smaller rooms in your home. Plus, they make quite the first impression so they’re a good one to decorate if you’re looking to cause a stir.

What better starting point for inspiration than a classic chequerboard floor? But if modern townhouse is more your style and you like the sound of a geometric tile that’ll work with dark and dramatic walls, look no further than Adam Encaustic.

How about something more Mid-Century that’ll pair well with burnt orange and mustard tones? It’s hard to top the large format Piazza tiles.

It’s not all about colour and print though. Playing it safe with an understated flagstone like the Salcombe Seasoned Sandstone will create an entryway that’s just as beautiful. Try it with a cool green (like Luna’s shadow) on the walls and plenty of natural wood accents, and yours will be a hallway that’s serene and sophisticated.

Create a contrasting shower enclosure

Does the thought of re-tiling the entirety of your bathroom daunt you? If so, why not take things down a level but focusing on just one section of the room instead that will still have real impact.

Enter your shower cubicle – be it the traditional narrow sort, a walk-in expanse, a screen-less wet room or even a shower over the tub. Tiling isn’t all about style, it communicates change, a different function, a purpose distinct to any other spot in the space.

Back to discussing decoration however, your shower enclosure can feel like a safe space to do something a bit more daring because it’s confined to just one small pocket in the room. Similar to how a feature wall can be a stepping-stone into colour and pattern, tiling your shower with something bolder and brighter is a fun way to inject real personality into your bathroom. For inspiration, look no further than the Nova or Lily Pad collections.

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