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House Collection x Ca’ Pietra Classics

House Collection x Ca’ Pietra Classics

Have you discovered our House collection of tiles? A collection of porcelain and ceramic tiles that embody the Ca’ Pietra core philosophy of giving homes access to ‘luxury without limits’.

The inspiration behind our House collection was about harnessing the classic elegance seen in Britain’s most luxurious hotels to bring back home and enjoy day after day. Though instead of the parquet being cut from oak, instead of the marble being carved from stone, and instead of the flagstones being limestone in material, we worked hard to devise lookalike tiles in more affordable and refreshingly practical porcelain.

So how to feature the House collection of tiles in your home? Read on for our design team’s perfect pairings with long-loved favourites from the main Ca’ Pietra collection.

Minetta x Moroccan Impressions Amina

When a large format, satin finish, creamy limestone-effect floor tile like Minetta is laid in front of you, there’s the option to either pair it with a wall tile that continues that calm and collected feel, or to liven things up with pattern and colour. In the interests of getting 2021 off to a fresh and fun start, here we’ve gone for the latter, and what better partner than a fellow porcelain tile like Moroccan Impressions Amina? What makes this combination work so well is that the colour base is equally as creamy, so there’s no stark difference of cream on the floor and white on the walls which can jerk the room out of its mellow ambiance. Imagine this duo in a kitchen, with Moroccan Impressions used as a splash back over the stove.

Chelsea x Long Island Wicker

Our Chelsea porcelain marble-effect tiles are the perfect way to achieve the timeless sophistication promised by marble but without the high maintenance nature. With Chelsea, suddenly the notion of having an easy-going, practical marble-paved hallway becomes possible. But if you’re considering Chelsea in a bathroom environment for example, think about putting a true marble tile on the walls so that you have an essence of the real thing in the same space too. This is a good compromise if the reason for ruling out marble all-over was because of cost. And if we were to pick only one marble wall tile to pair it with, we’d pick the wicker mosaic variety from our Long Island collection, which has just the right amount of pattern and interest for Chelsea’s blank canvas.

Franklin x Jigsaw Fern

When is timber not timber? When it’s an incredibly convincing alternative like Franklin, complete with all the knots and grain detail you’d expect from natural wood. Each long, slender tile comes in a choice of three colours – light, dark and pearl – and when laid, gives the illusion of wooden floorboards. We love the idea of subverting the norm and putting our new flooring against a contemporary, geometric tile like the encaustic Jigsaw Fern design by renowned Neisha Crossland – particularly the Smoke Sage finish – be it in a kitchen or a bathroom.

Piazza Geo x Colour Pop

The Piazza Geo family of terrazzo-effect tiles are truly versatile thanks to the combination of colours found in the tile. Make like Lisa Dawson and run this large format tile in a hallway to inject a touch of personality to a space, then go all out as you head into the bathroom with an impactful pop of colour thanks to our Colour Pop tiles, Lisa opted for Salmao but take a look at Papaia and Marinho as alternatives.

Harlow x Rotterdam

Coming in a choice of two sizes, the satin finish Harlow tiles are your pathway to understated elegance. They give the illusion of a pale, polished concrete and so keep things minimal by opting for a serene wall tile too. An illusionist just as Harlow, the Rotterdam tiles are also porcelain masquerading as another material, in this case, marble. Therefore, expect the classic veining trademark but in barely-there greys that suit Harlow to a tee. The chevron pattern adds a bit of movement to whichever room in which they’re placed to stop the scheme from falling flat.

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