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Hot Off The Press! Welcome to a brand new season at Ca’ Pietra. Order your copy of the 2021-2022 collection brochure here.

Hello new season, we like the look of you….

Hello new season, we like the look of you….

We wanted to keep you in the loop about everything that’s new at Ca’ Pietra. That’s why we’ve put together an edit of the new products that our creative team just can’t get enough of.

Our brand-new Bamboo collection has just arrived and is already flying out of Ca’ Pietra HQ. The stick-like designs come in an array of soft neutrals to deeper tones and look just as beautiful in a kitchen as they do a bathroom. An extension of our Yoga Penny mosaic, this collection has been inspired by nature’s super grass. The linear effect of the bamboo plant is great for increasing the feeling of height in a small space.

Our Oasis collection is an incredibly tactile product, suitable for walls, I love that this tile taps into the trend for Moroccan Zellige tiles without the cost or maintenance. The collection adds textural interest to the smallest of spaces.

Our Marble Luxe large format porcelain tiles come in richly veined colours with intricate patterns, swirls and blended tones, the tiles bring the look and feel of the finest quality marble into a client’s home without the high maintenance, weight and price tag to match.

Avenue allows for a seamless finish between indoors and out, the collection can be used for interior spaces as well as outdoor landscaped areas. Kitchens with doors that open on to a terrace or patio are perfect for this trend while urban gardens, courtyards and even paving look stunning in our new Avenue collection.


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