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Five Things To Do Around The Home This Spring

Five Things To Do Around The Home This Spring

no.1 Downstairs Loo Refresh

Small but mighty, the downstairs loo is a great place to kickstart your decorating plans for 2021. An unsuspecting and underrated room that is so full of potential, this is a bite-size project we can all handle.

Whether you prefer a more hush-hush style, or bold colours and patterns, this is a space you can really get creative with. To help you decide on how to refresh your downstairs loo, take a look at our feature dedicated to this small but mighty space.

Top Tip – if you have a bit of time to plan your downstairs loo refresh, discover our free design service. Our creative team are on hand to offer you their design advice online, so you can be inspired from the comfort of your own home.

no.2 Paint your door frames and skirting boards

Have you had a good look at your door frames and skirting boards lately? We’re all guilty of ignoring these areas and not refreshing them as often as we should. So why not take this opportunity to go a bit bolder this time, it’s the perfect spring pick-me-up.

You may have already heard us mention @erica_davies bedroom transformation, but we really can’t get enough of her use of bold colour. Using Otto’s Gold from our Proper Good Paint™ range on her doors and skirting boards, Erica has created a warm, rich and happy space full of character.

If Otto’s Gold isn’t quite your flavour, we adore how @insidepropertyinvesting have used Amara’s Slipper on both the walls and doors in their home. Painting the doors the same colour as the walls help them to blend in and almost disappear, a good trick for smaller rooms or even narrow hallways with lots of doors.

Top Tip – you can request a free colour chart to help you choose your shade and create your very own proper good-looking home.

no.3 Kitchen Splashback refresh

Full kitchen upgrades can be both costly and disruptive, and so refreshing wall coverings such as paint and adding new tiles is certainly more manageable. As a bitesize and quick project, updating the kitchen splashback is certainly a venture that can be undertaken over a weekend. It’s also the perfect opportunity to experiment with colour and pattern, without it being too overpowering – especially if this isn’t your usual style.

We particularly love seeing our Insta-famous Lily Pad used in this space, and @frenchlottie has done this wonderfully in her home. Using Lily Pad in Custard shade, Lottie has created a full length splashback behind her kitchen worktops, which contrasts effortlessly with her blue cabinetry and blush pink paint. This spring you can enjoy 20% off our Lily Pad porcelain range too – winner winner! Discover the full collection here.

Top Tip – order full tile samples ahead of your project to help you decide on your final choice. Simply shop our product pages and select from the drop down of your chosen tiles.

no.4 Upcycle wooden furniture

There are so many benefits to upcycling and it is often the perfect way to revamp older furniture on a budget. The first step is to choose your upcycling project – do you have a chest of drawers that needs a facelift? Or what about hunting for a bargain that you can refresh instead from your local charity or antique shop?

One of the most straightforward ways to upcycle furniture is to give it a fresh coat of paint, and we have the perfect product for the job – our Proper Good Paint™ range. With over 35 colours to choose from, we just know there will be a shade perfect for your project.

Once you’ve chosen your furniture and paint shade, you will need to prime your project. First of all, you will need to lay a cover on the surface you plan on paining to prevent any damage to your carpet or floor tiles. Then it’s time to start sanding! Use sandpaper (ensuring it is the correct grit), to even out the wooden surfaces, removing any existing paint or varnish as best you can.

From there, you can apply your primer coat (we recommend using Ren’s White for this!) to help produce a lovely even paint finish, and then your chosen paint shade. Ensure to leave each coat of paint to dry before applying the next – you will likely need to use two or three coats.

Top Tip – our Proper Eggshell finish is suitable for all interior walls, woodwork, furniture, and even metalwork – including radiators and pipes. Select this finish before adding to your cart, ready for your upcycling project.

no.5 Tile Outdoors Table Top

With the latest trend of taking the inside, out, and creating that ‘living room vibe’ in our garden, we love the idea of taking tiles outside too. That isn’t to say that you need to create a big tiled space (although we love that too!), but what about adding tiles to outdoor table tops?

Keeping with the upcycling theme, why not use an old unwanted table and your favourite tiles. Not only will it look brand new, but upgrading a table top with tiles will also improve its durability too.

Ensure that the tiles you pick are suitable for exterior use, many of our decorative porcelain collection is perfect for just that and won’t require sealing.

The first step is to make sure you have a completely flat surface to secure your tiles to. If you are unable to replace the original top, consider screwing or sticking a new piece of MDF to the surface ready for your tiles to be fixed onto.

Once you have a flat surface to work with, arrange your tiles to see how you would like the design to look, then begin to fix the tiles down with a tile adhesive. You will need to use tile spacers to ensure you get a perfect finish.

After you are happy with your fixed tiles, you will need to finish with a grout. This helps to really make the tiles pop and ensure there are no gaps for debris and water to fall into. Our Resin Cement Colour Grout is suitable for exterior use as well as interior.

Top Tip – as with most garden furniture, we would recommend storing your newly upcycled table during bad weather.


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