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Five Bathroom Boosts

Five Bathroom Boosts

Ways to transform your bathroom into a little sanctuary to get you through the last of winter.

Pouring rain and puddles, steely skies and cold snaps, and rigid regimes to rid the effects of a festive sweet tooth, January is indeed a month with a known reputation for being somewhat dismal. So how to get through it? While we all have a fortunate friend who jets off to balmier climes, the rest of us must resort to the classic British stiff upper lip until spring’s bulbs and buds begin to blossom. But there’s one part of the home that will come into its own if unleashed, providing a sense of escape, a spa-like sensation, a therapy session if you will – all without leaving your front door. Try our Creative Director Hamish’s five bathroom boosts this January so you can take 2020 by the horns.

Time to tile

The upside to January is it’s a time for renewal. So make the ‘new year, new me’ talk extend to your decor and see the first month of the new decade as an opportunity to renovate. If a full-scale bathroom refit is out of the question though, why not simply tackle the tiling?

Go feet first and treat yourself to a new bathroom floor with, you guessed it, underfloor heating – an everyday luxury that has a remarkably transformative effect. Just picture stepping out of the tub onto wonderfully warm limestone or waking up on a dark winter’s morning and feeling cosiness beneath the ceramic as you splash your face.

Think about furnishings

To take your bathroom onto a more relaxing plane, consider in what ways you can help it to be intuitive to what you need. A perfect example is when you’re reclining in the bath but your hardback or glass of wine is out of reach, resulting in you hoisting yourself out to lean across to a nearby ledge. The addition of a small stool or side table makes life much easier, and is something for which you’ll always be thankful. Such furniture additions aren’t difficult to achieve but will make a big difference to the space that you can appreciate throughout January and beyond.

Similarly, do you find there’s nowhere to place folded clothes if the door hook is fully loaded with robe and towel? Should you have the room, an armchair grants you not just a dressing chair, but somewhere to perch as you dry off, encouraging you to take your time and just be – warning, you may never leave.

A lick of paint

Following the same line of thought as re-tiling, updating one area of your bathroom’s decor makes a renovation less daunting and more purse-friendly.

Paint is one of the easiest options at your disposal, requiring little pre-planning and not too much labour. To enjoy the experience to its fullest, take the time to moodboard so that you’re fully immersed in the creative process. Not only does this lead to a more considered end result, but because of the time invested, you’ll appreciate the finished interior more than you might have otherwise. Even if you don’t begin your deliberation until mid-January, it’s a project that remains absolutely achievable in just a two-week window. Team a half tiled green brick wall with soft pink sorbet paint shades, or navy blue tiles with a deep gunmetal grey.

Indulge and accessorise

Bathroom decor, just like the other rooms in your home, isn’t all about the big stuff – the brassware, the tiles, the sanitaryware. The effect that specially selected accessories will have on your washroom should never be overlooked – the little luxuries, the wants rather than the needs.

Enter your bathroom and look over all of those items that you purchased with the mindset of ‘those will do’ and then cleanse yourself by ridding them from your bathroom and replacing them with pieces that you truly treasure. Ask yourself too, what have you felt has been missing and what have you had your heart set on? It might be as small as a hand-made soap dish seen in a local potter’s workshop or an oversized three-wick candle that you just know when lit, will help the day melt away more so than your usual single-wick variety. Especially if you’re limiting yourself to what treats pass your lips post-festive indulgence, surely you deserve to treat yourself in a way that satisfies mind, body and soul?

Light the way

And finally, just as furniture isn’t always an immediate thought in a bathroom, lighting doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves. People tend to focus on bright spotlights than the soft, ambient light that will lull you softly and serenely.

The updates you decide to make here will depend on how much upheaval you’re happy to endure. New lighting will often require new wiring, replastering and painting and is undoubtedly worth it (at Ca’ Pietra we’re huge advocates of wall lights). And so, if this is sounding like a too much toil, then consider what other changes you can make. Can any overhead lighting be given a dimmer bulb that is a lighting version of a lullaby, so appropriate for January? If you have pre-existing wall lights, perhaps it’s time for a new lampshade? And if all else fails, you can always fall back on ever faithful candlelight…


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