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Cuban Style

Cuban Style

Hit the travel trail and let us transport you to the heady ambience of Latin America with our Cuba porcelain and ceramic tiles.

One of our latest collections, Cuba has a gorgeous handmade feel for that artisanal look and a beautiful tactile quality with a premium finish. The 15cm x 15cm ceramics can be used on interior walls to give kitchens and bathrooms a statement look while the 20cm x 20cm porcelain has an R10 slip rating so it’s ideal for walls and floors both inside and out.

Paying homage to traditional Cuban tiles, all 10 of the designs within this collection feature wildly different patterns and prints to evoke something for all the senses, with a choice of colours to complement or contrast with your existing décor.

Our top Cuba pairings

Cuba Wall Ceramic Alba

Monochromatic in colour but not in personality, Alba is a versatile design with an hourglass pattern effect when laid vertically or a wave effect when laid horizontally, giving you freedom to create your own style. With its rustic artisanal effect, and off-white background, we feel Alba works particularly well in traditional homes.

Suitable for interior walls only, Alba gives the creative freedom to go a bit extra with interior design. Pair Alba with a green tile such as Pottery Porcelain in Kale Green, to really make a space pop. Or for more contemporary homes, use Alba as the splashback in a kitchen, paired with marble worktops and dark and moody kitchen cabinetry painted in Delphine’s Ink from our Proper Good Paint™ collection.

Cuba Porcelain Field

What we love about the field tiles within this collection, is that they don’t lack substance. Their powdery soft colour palette makes them the ultimate base tile for any interior scheme. Pearl Grey Field, is beautifully soft and delicate, with an almost smoke-like effect. Mint Green Field, has colour variations similar to those you might find when overlooking the crystal clear sea water surrounding a Greek island. And Indigio Blue Field, which feels like the beginnings of a dark winter’s night on a full moon.

Ultimately, the Cuba Porcelain Field tiles can be paired with any of the tiles found within our Cuba collection, and even with themselves. We’ve paired Mint Green and Pearl Grey here, in a chequerboard style for the floor, matched with Cuba Porcelain Como for the wall, which flows seamlessly together.

Top Purchasing Tip : we recommend ordering two or more full tile samples of Cuba to really experience the traditional finish and patterns.


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