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Colour Pop – Are You a Striking or Cosy Palette?

Colour Pop – Are You a Striking or Cosy Palette?


This palette is all about creating a statement and enjoying the drama it creates! For anyone who loves to create a little ‘wow’ with their schemes, this is the palette to look towards. Colours in this palette have an energy and intensity that really pops but it’s all about contrasting the brights with the very dark or very light tones that creates the drama. This palette takes more than a little bravery and there is no meek feature wall happening here, it’s a full attack approach to decorating. Heavily patterned wallpaper will be on all four walls, and possibly the ceiling too! Graphic artwork and patterns work well in this scheme and you can either take a maximalist approach and layer up clashing patterns or strip it right back to one strong statement piece. Either way, you need 100% conviction of your taste and style and then just go for it. You certainly won’t worry about what anyone thinks and they’ll probably envy you for it!



Everyone wants their home to feel comfortable, but this palette is all about creating that extra snug feel. This is a home to really relax in, kick off the shoes and curl up with a hot mug of cocoa or a good book. The space will also feel wonderfully welcoming and the overall vibe is kicked back and relaxed. So the colours here support that sense of warmth and reassurance and are therefore earthy, deep and grounded. All colours in this palette have a warmth of hue in the background, and look great on velvet, woollens and slubby linens. Texture is important to this palette too but of a much more rustic vibe. Think reclaimed wood, vintage furniture and battered leather armchairs. Style-wise, a maximalist approach works well here to complete the feathered nest appeal, so think book-ladel shelves and a collection of art on a busy gallery wall.


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