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Ca’ Pietra Curates November

Ca’ Pietra Curates November

Four is the magic number for us this November. Four mini features that cover colours of the moment and how to bring them into your home, tile style; what we’re reading, literally not putting down and then flicking through again and again to plot our next adventure; a peek around a certain television presenter’s impressive pad and which room has tickled our fancy most of all; and then one out-of-season surprise so that you can still have the joys of springtime palettes somewhere in your mind too. Enjoy!

Let’s start with something lust-worthy. In contrast to what the seasons are telling you to do – to hunker down and wrap up with rust-like hues and heavyweight textiles – we’re embracing the lightness and prettiness of this to-die-for wallpaper by Divine Savages.

Lotus Pink in colour, it’s decorated with cherry blossoms, lotus flowers, exotic birds and koi carp below the water’s surface. We just shot the wallpaper with our Butler tiles laid out in a monochrome chequerboard pattern.

To give some airplay to those aforementioned autumnal hues though, let’s balance things out with these on-the-money tiles for Autumn/Winter.

Think autumn leaves ready to be kicked up and crunched. Think toffee apple, pumpkin and bonfire tones. Think days that start with thick-cut marmalade on toast for breakfast and that end with golden autumn afternoon light. There’s a clear colour in common with all of those seasonal scenes and that colour is earthy, orange-y terracotta.

Sure you can wear the seasons with your winter woollies and their respective russet marl yarns, but why not live them behind closed doors too? Enter tiles. Specifically, our Marble Luxe Porcelain Bellissimo tiles with their striking golden veining (we love them on a feature wall in a bathroom or as a kitchen’s splashback). For something less luxe and more rustic there’s our Antique Burgundy Terracotta tiles. Cute and compact squares, they’re heritage in their design as much as their material – 100-year old reclaimed French terracotta don’t you know. They’re a dream in a farmhouse kitchen, or use them as the hearth to your wood burning stove.

With all that talk of cosying up and being fireside, our brains have gone next to books.

This month, top of our reading pile is this sweet read by travel blogger Gina Jackson, released just a few weeks ago. A light, 200 pages or so read to thumb through at leisure, British Boutique Hotels is one that you’ll want to absorb with a notepad at head to jot down the stays that make your shortlist.

There’s newcomers in there like The Newt in trendy Somerset spot, Bruton with its living off the land philosophy as well as off-the-beaten track lodges like Killiehuntly in Scotland’s Cairngorns and homely townhouse stays such as Chapel house in Cornwall.

Your next ten staycations? Consider them sorted.

It’s been a while since we did a tile and paint duo so for November, we bring you just that. Spied in KBB Magazine, presenter Helen Skelton gave a dazzling tour of her impeccably presented home that just so happens to be filled to the rafters with our tiles.

Her polished concrete floor kitchen with its impressive bronzed panels might be the showstopper but it’s the very lovely bathroom complete with tin bath that stole our hearts. Recreate the look with our grey dappled Denham Seasoned Limestone floor, Nordic Honed Marble to walls and Hunter’s Leaf for that prism of paintwork.


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