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Ca’ Pietra Curates May

Ca’ Pietra Curates May

May, a favourite month for many what with it feeling the most spring-like of all (the blossom’s out, the buds are bursting, and if we’re lucky, the weather will continue to be fair and lovely). Plus, there’s the fact there’s a double bank holiday weekend to lap up (have a read of our bank holiday activities article if you’re stumped for new ideas to pass the time). This May in particular is an extra-special month for all of us here at Ca’ Pietra because we’ve just launched our new National Trust tile collection. We’re excited to see the word get out about this tile collection this May, starting right here in our monthly Ca’ Pietra Curates column where we give it not one but two shout-outs…

Flowers, botanicals, greenery, petals – the world of flora is a trend that never really falls out of favour but right now, it’s big, it’s everywhere, and it’s perfectly timed.

When spring hits, you can’t open a magazine without reading about bringing the outdoors in, and it’s that en plein air mindset that fuels our love affair with all things beautiful and botanical come spring and summer. We’re talking more than a vase filled with freshly cuts stems (though that’s a great place to start), but colour palettes inspired by nature (Aspen’s Forest and Carter’s Rose – yes please!), fabrics that bring botanicals to your bedspread or sofa, and if you’re up for a project, tiles that will put a serious spring in your home’s step.

Our biggest crush du jour? Our Woodland Glade tile – feathery ferns and peachy-pink petals in one means your bathroom never felt so fresh. Though, we love the idea of it in a laundry room too if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Frequent readers of this feature will know that normally here we recommend something on-screen for interiors addicts, but this month, we go offline and take things from telly to tome.

Just-released, interiors influencer Lisa Dawson’s first hardback Resourceful Living is what we’ll absolutely be flicking through this month. Not only does she share all of her secrets and ideas for renovating on a budget, but she puts firm focus on how to do is sustainably too – Lisa is not a woman who advocates waste.

In Lisa’s own words: “This book will guide you through the ways in which you can build a home that not only makes you smile when you walk through the door, but that is also adaptable to the way we live today, sourcing and repurposing to create a space that is resourceful but that also reflects your own personal style. And most importantly, have a lot of fun doing so along the way.” Sold!

No matter how many interiors accounts there are out there, we just don’t grow tired of thumbing through their feeds. Right up there for us is the home-centric account @mishkashoe whose neutral schemes are 100% zen and are often in IGTV form to walk you through exactly how to recreate the look in your own home. You’ll be DIY panelling, plastering and building shelving units before you know it.

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Each month, our creative director Hamish shares a favourite paint or tile pairing of his, and for May it’s no surprise he’s gone all in on our National Trust collection.

There are plenty of pairings that are a match made in heaven, but he’s gone deep blue for May with the crackle-glazed Lyme metro tile (inspired by one of the majestic bathrooms at Lyme in Cheshire) in Peacock Blue. Take that to a bathroom, half-tile the wall – finishing off that section with the elegantly rounded Lyme dado tile – and then team it with a wallpaper-inspired tile from the Architectural Elements range. Hamish is particularly fond of the soft grey ceramic wall tile Arlington Court which is a perfect balance for Lyme’s depth of colour.

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