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Ca’ Pietra Curates March

Ca’ Pietra Curates March

Normally in our ‘Swooning over’ section, we write about where we’ve seen two of our paint colours living in such harmony that we’ve felt compelled to copycat the look. Not so for March however, because we recently came across a bathroom-to-die-for that we couldn’t resist sharing with you.

The light, the fireplace, the cast iron tub, the accent chair – we want it all. Starting floor up, you’ll notice our Paris Marble Mosaic tile sets the scene very nicely indeed. There’s something about its monochrome cubic design that reminds us of the work of Dutch graphic artist, Escher; lay it and your space will feel immediately elevated and architectural.

Why stop at one bout of marble when you can take a second style of marble tile to the walls? If your budget won’t stretch to double-dose marble, try our Chelsea wall tiles that are crafted from hardwearing porcelain and have marble’s distinctive grey veining running through. Helping your decorating budget further still is the fact the upper half of the walls is painted in mega calming deep green – our green-grey Luna’s Shadow paint will do the trick.

Swoon-worthy status without a doubt, agreed?


If we’re being entirely honest, dominating the screens of the Ca’ Pietra team has been cult show It’s a Sin and wholesome Virgin River whose cute mountain lodge scenes have given us cabin fever, in a good way.

On the interiors front though, we’ve also been working through episodes of Dream Home Makeover – brought to our screens by tastemakers Studio McGee. Totally unscripted, the show is a blend of reality TV (because you get glimpses into McGee family life – Shea, Syd and their two young children – and get to see real homes being transformed) and non-stop interior design inspiration.

Two seasons and twelve episodes await, and if, like us, you’re into the cabin vibe, skip to season two episode five where they remodel the downstairs of a bohemian mountain lodge in Utah.


From watching home renovation stories on the telly to stalking those do-er up-er accounts on Instagram, we can never get enough of observing home makeovers.

We happened upon Katie & Sunny’s account when we saw they’d redone both of their bathrooms with tiles from the Ca’ Pietra collection. The family bathroom has gone from having a rather fetching aquamarine suite to an elegant marble and blush pink haven thanks to our encaustic Floris tiles and Long Island honed marble brick tiles. The ensuite on the other hand is a very different story – think modern industrial with a poured concrete effect floor and our micro Yoga Penny porcelain wall tiles.

Bathrooms aside, all eyes on their absolutely mega rear extension. Expect to go green-eyed.

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Maybe it’s because it’s March and spring’s front of mind, but this month, we’re singing the praises of this green scene bathroom.

Now early spring could’ve led us down the path of soft sage green but no, we’re going for more of an energising shade, starting with Seaton’s Surf colourway which makes us want to go to the coast, stat. With its charming crackle glaze and gloss surface, it picks up on any scrap of light and reflects it around your space to help it feel even more mood-boosting.

A plain like the ceramic Seaton can take some pattern, and we l-o-v-e this pairing with our retro floral encaustic tile, Cordoba. Its petals match Seaton’s jade green tone to perfection, but with an off-white backdrop and minted green accents, it’ll stop your space from feeling too colour-heavy, and instead, full of the lightness and brightness of spring.

What have you got on the decorating agenda for March? Tag us in your adventures with tiles.




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