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Welcome to a brand new season at Ca’ Pietra. Order your copy of the 2021-2022 collection brochure here.

Ca’ Pietra Curates July

Ca’ Pietra Curates July

Even though the school holidays don’t mean weeks on end off like they once did (yes, we still yearn for them), there’s something about July that still switches on that holiday mindset. The prospect of sitting outdoors with a good book like the one we’ve suggested picking up in a few paragraphs’ time or restyling a space in your home to make it feel a little more Mediterranean in vibe (see the boho kitchen we mention in the Swooning Over section for inspiration), we’re game. Both feel inherently laid-back, summery activities that we’re more than ready for. Welcome to you July, and all the things that will be in our radar for the next 31 days and counting…

In case you hadn’t heard, last month we launched yet another new collection – Atlas. A porcelain trio of patterned tiles in blue, black and green, each with a micro starburst repeat, we love them outdoors as much as in (hello upbeat alternative to the classic townhouse tiled path to the front door).

What got us especially swooning though was the shot of the Atlas Porcelain Blue in this boho kitchen context. It’s proof of a few things: 1) a dash of colour in a tile can bring out a whole load of colour confidence for you to make a splash elsewhere in your room (the royal blue cabinetry being a case in point); 2) that crisp and contemporary as Atlas is, it can be softened no end with soft tones and textures from rattan to terracotta; and 3) that it can be pulled in various design directions with total ease – who’d have thought it could be as convincingly boho as it can industrial?

There are so many exciting interior books launches going on in 2021. Last month we wrote about gardener Arthur Parkinson’s debut tome, Flower Yard, and before that, another debut, this time by Lisa Dawson and her first hardback, Resourceful Living. And now to July where we wanted to share with you just-launched The Monocle Book of Homes.

This is one for sitting down with on a Sunday afternoon to leisurely flick through all 264 pages (split into 20 inspiring architectural stories) and travel to Finland, Mexico, Jakarta, Lebanon and many a country more from the comfort of your sofa. Whether you’re a long time reader of Monocle magazine or are new to the brand and simply want to binge-read all things interiors, consider this your new beautifully curated coffee table book.

You know us, suckers for a home renovation interiors account. There’s something about watching before and afters, following along in someone’s decorating progress and prowess, and scrolling through inspiration that feels so much more accessible than some of the seriously aspirational accounts out there. That brings us nicely onto our new one-to-watch: @ormistonhousedesign.

Award-winning blogger Ciara’s Instagram feed is somewhere between the two. Aspirational in that not many of us get to call a castle-like building, home, and inspirational in that her room sets, her furniture choices, and her styling touches are all things that can be translated to homes sprawling and modest. Her mix of mega heritage features (wood-panelled rooms and ornate carvings here, there and everywhere) and contemporary fabrics, pattern and colour palettes (see her blue and white laundry room perfection if you scroll way back) will leave you wanting to redecorate, stat.

This month’s pick of tiles that tango together are straight from the home of Instagrammer @renovating_the_house. She’s transformed her downstairs loo from tired, square-tiled-centric space to something ultra-sleek and Art Deco in mood.

No question that the vintage green stone sink is the hero in the room but tying it altogether are her pearlescent Oasis Ceramic tiles in White that she’s positioned vertically to make the room feel taller and to mirror the lines of her Jim Lawrence brass wall lights, and green-grey floor tiles.


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