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Ca’ Pietra Curates January

Ca’ Pietra Curates January

We made it. A new year, a new start, even if normality isn’t quite on the horizon just yet. So to help kickstart your 2021, this month’s Ca’ Pietra forecast of the things on our radar, from paint colours and home decor projects to who to follow on Instagram, are all geared around renewal so that your new year can start with a positive-as-can-be frame of mind…

January is a time for kitchen makeovers more so than any other month of the year. But a kitchen renovation doesn’t have to mean ripping out the cabinets and starting from scratch. If yours is a wooden kitchen that can be repainted, take January by the horns and launch yourself into a home decor project that gets you seriously hands-on. A fresh lick of paint on kitchen cabinets is quite the undertaking – there’s a lot of sanding, priming and painting to be done – but the results are transformative, especially when you throw new kitchen hardware into the equation.

For January, we can’t help but be tempted to stick with a cheery red that still has a sense of the festivities but feels perfectly suited to the last few months of deep winter. But we’d pair it with a soft, powdered hue that will help your palette transition into spring and look the part all year through. We’re thinking Valentina’s Red for the kitchen island and Zale’s Powder on the rest of your cabinets. Or if you’re really ready to embrace red, take it across all of our cabinets and reserve delicate Zale’s Powder for your walls alone.

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You’ve probably read the hype about new-to-Netflix documentary, The Minimalists: Less is Now, and if not, you can probably take a good guess on what it’s all about.

Crusaders for the minimalist movement Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus have made waves via their podcast but now bring to Netflix in January a docs-film all about how and why life can be better, happier, simpler when you have quite simply, less stuff.

With a running time of less than an hour it’s an easy one to swallow and an enlightening one. Even if you don’t emerge with a new design vision for your home, you’ll at the very least reflect on need versus want. Just the tonic as spring cleaning is not too far away…


We love the small but mighty Instagram account belonging to the creative director at Wood Edit – purveyors and makers of all this handmade and British. Hers is a feed of interiors heaven where full-scale sitting rooms complete with wood burners and over-the-top yet refreshingly simple mantel displays combine with close-ups of woven vintage baskets and yellow gingham table linens. At present, her colour focus is on uplifting tangerine and wholesome rust – beautifully warming tones that are just what we need in one of the coldest months of the year. Follow for a fresh take on interior design that’s as homely as it is stylish and inspiring.

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Here at Ca’ Pietra, we’re big fans of all things scalloped and Art Deco in detail. That’s why this month, we’re putting the spotlight on our Plume Marble Swan Mosaic wall and floor tiles. Even though New Year celebrations were somewhat on the quiet side this year, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t still occasion to get dressed up and to toast to a fresh start. So with one foot still firmly in the glamour and glory of 31st December and the other into all things new and exciting as 2021 opens, these elongated and utterly elegant honed marble tiles feel perfectly fitting. Colour-wise, try combining them with a sophisticated deep green like Hunter’s Leaf or for something a little livelier, Savannah’s Moss.




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