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Ca’ Pietra Curates February

Ca’ Pietra Curates February

February – the month associated most with l-o-v-e. And while every month, this column seeks to share with you four of the things that team Ca’ Pietra is adoring. For February’s edition, we’ve thought longer and harder still to whittle down our shortlist. Note too that February is the last month of winter being felt in full force, so you’ll find too that we’ve been sure to include a selection that bridges the seasons, from a bath tub-focussed colour scheme for those chilled-to-the-bone soaks to a tile pairing that’s spring and summer-ready.

Let’s start with that all important bath tub – one of the home’s prized possessions in winter months – and how you can make it even more of a beacon in this, one of the chilliest months of the bunch.

Painting your bath surround is a fast and fun update that will completely alter the character of your bathroom, especially if you treat your walls to a touch of TLC too. For advice on just how to go about it, read our article on ways to update your home through paint.

For February, the colour combo we’re crushing over for the bathroom is warming, grounding and totally trend-led Cassia’s Terracotta. Rich and comforting enough to suit winter months but reminiscent enough of Spanish or Italian vine-covered terraces to work well all summer long, it’s a colour scheme that’s not going to fall out of favour as soon as spring awakes. Team it with Astrid’s Cornflower, which, by contrast, is deep sea cool so that you have the best of both worlds for your bathroom – cooling serenity for your walls and wraparound warmth underwater.

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Touted by Stylist Magazine as one of the top shows to tune into this year, Netflix’s Stay Here takes you on tour after tour of one of our favourite sights of all – other people’s homes.

Interior designer Genevieve Gorder and property pro Peter Lorimer dish out guidance to homeowners on ways to make their homes more stylish, more sellable and even more rent-able on the holiday home market. First released back in 2018, the US show remained somewhat under the radar in the UK but as of 1st January, we’re hooked.

From a converted fire station in Washington to a canal boat in Seattle and naturally, a Malibu beach pad, it’s a home makeover show with plenty of decorating and styling ideas to snaffle (a tiled exterior pool house – yes please).


Sometimes we use this section to share those accounts that you might not have stumbled upon and other times, it’s as simple as us cheerleading those that are hugely well-known but with which we’re head over heels.

Cue the kaleidoscopic Instagram account belonging to interior designer, Sophie Robinson. Famous for her shared podcast (aka The Great Indoors) with fellow famed Instagrammer @madaboutthehouse, for her hashtags #colourlover and banthebeige, and for her colour-focussed interior design courses, designing with Sophie is a breath of mood-boosting fresh air.

Scroll down to December to see her beguiling tablescape for the festivities (complete with tiny purple-tinted pineapple place settings) or further still for her iconic lapis blue-painted hallway and watermelon pink carpeted staircase as well as plenty of her pattern-tastic sitting room. Even if you’re all about neutrals, it’s hard not to get hooked on her brave-hearted décor.

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For February, instead of picking a tile and paint pairing as we usually do, we’re decided to double-up on two tiles that go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong (we had to google the lyrics to double check).

Before we steal all credit, the idea came from the home renovation Instagram account of Isobel and Jeremy, @228locationhouse. In their bathroom, they created a feature tile wall with our palm print Jungle porcelain tile and paired it with a marble effect tile on the floor, but more excitingly, a blush pink metro tile on their bath surround (because painting your tub isn’t the only option) akin to Carter Rose.

Not only do the two get along swimmingly in terms of colour palette (pink and green is one of our favourite spring fresh colour schemes), but the mix of pink and palm print feels oh-so tropical (getting us dreaming even more intensely of jetting off somewhere sunny).

Get inspired too by their metro tile layout – proof that the classic brick layout is never your only option.

Happy February everyone and happy decorating!




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