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Ca’ Pietra Curates August

Ca’ Pietra Curates August

If you’re like us and are finding one foot excited to be stepping out into the wild once again, but the other placed hesitantly in the sanctuary of your humble home, then you’ll understand why August remains a month of mood boarding and decorating. This is especially so if yours is a household contending with school being out and therefore time at home is on the rise with odd-jobs and refurbishment plans well underway. Read on then for our round-up of looks to swoon for, tile pairings that were meant to be and the page-turning book to pick up between household jobs and your 9-5…

A core look as part of our National Trust tile collection are ceiling-to-floor wallpaper tiles. Whether it’s the delicate wild flower details seen on the Glendurgan Ceramic tiles (that, against a deep grey roll top bath and soft wall lighting makes for the prettiest end-of-day sanctuary) or the Art Deco arcs of the Architectural Elements Red House tile design (we picture it most in a new-build home against sleek bathroom furniture), it’s hard to not fall head over heels.

The true beauty of a wallpaper-style tile is their painterly decoration and commitment to pattern. When used en masse, they take on the same quality as a traditional wallpaper might but with all the practicality required in a bathroom environment. So if it’s the feathery fronds of the Glendurgan Fern tile or perhaps Glendurgan’s other linear bamboo and palm leaf print, en-suites and downstairs loos are about to get a whole lot more considered.

Maybe it’s because of the energy boost July’s heatwave gave us and the prospect of another for August, but we’re finding ourselves going giddy over maximalism. And we don’t just mean picking a punchy printed tile for your Victorian terrace’s pathway and doorstep (though that’s an admirable place to start). Nor are we referring to a zany kitchen splashback with a look-at-me colourway (saying that, we salute people who make that choice equally). No, this August, we’re all about selecting bold and beautiful tiles that combine pattern and colour and carrying them from floor to wall.

A case in point? Try on for size our new Memphis starburst tiles. In a wet room they’ll make it the most mood-boosting space in your whole home, or take it to your bathroom like we did with the Coral colourway with a tonal paint like Ophelia’s Blush and see how maximalism can actually be super soothing too.

Stepping away from decorating for a moment, can anybody not put down the new mustard-covered tome by fashion heroine, Anya Hindmarch? A Sunday Times bestseller and as Fearne Cotton put it: “Comforting, practical and beautifully personal. This book feels like your best friend telling you it’s all going to be ok” – we couldn’t agree more.

With its wise but witty title If in doubt, wash your hair, this read is exactly what it says on the cover ‘a manual for life’. A lifting page-turner for all life stages and genders, but especially soothing to the overworked and the frazzled, it’s not a daunting read being shy of 300 pages in length. Plus, it looks ever so lovely on your bedside table!

This month, we’re all about the unexpected, so what about channelling an industrial vibe in your shower room with an aged terracotta brick tile like Brewhouse (part of our National Trust collection that’s inspired by the tiling at the great Moseley Hall) and then graphic, monochrome Parisian Café for your walls? Throw in a deep teal paint like Aster’s River to mix things up further, add in lots of unlacquered brass fixtures, and you’ve got yourself a bathroom that dreams were made of…

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