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Bringing The Med Home

Bringing The Med Home

Emma Rose Thatcher stepped in to marry its many characterful features with a fresher design perspective, retaining the original stable doors, maximising on the lofty ceilings and embarking on a transformational two-year renovation. When it came to choosing the tiles that she felt would give her old-meets-new, rustic-meets-luxe, provincial-meets-Mediterranean style, she set her sights on our Marlborough Terracotta Parquet tiles, laying them from kitchen through to hallway, cloakroom and dining room.

Questions & answers

Describe your style in three words
Eclectic, old-meets-new, modern-rustic.

Is your home a country or city pad?
Country, though we can get into the city easily.

What made you choose terracotta?
I was really keen to find a floor tile that works for busy family life. I didn’t want something that would constantly look dirty, so choosing a tile that was designed to look worn-in made sense. I loved the contrast between the terracotta and our Crittall windows too.

Is this your first time using terracotta?
Yes, and it’s one of the main features that people comment on out of the whole house.

Character-wise, what’s your tile’s best trait?
The fact that they’re such a talking-point. They’re the first thing that people notice. Everybody loves that they’re perfectly imperfect – not too polished and pristine but neither too shabby and distressed.

What time of day do you think your tiles look at their best?
I love them in the morning, when the light is coming in. The gorgeously warming colours make our house feel like a home, and they look beautiful first thing.

If you hadn’t have gone for terracotta, what would’ve been in second place?
Perhaps flagstone flooring; it’s what we’ve had previously. We’d seen terracotta used in a beautiful boutique hotel that we’d stayed in and that inspired us to try something different, something more unique.

What effect do you feel your tiles have had on the room’s mood?
More than anything, it’s made it feel so warm and cosy. The space just feels…enhanced.

Is there one thing you love more than anything about your tile choice?
The fact that it doesn’t show up any marks. With three teenagers and dog, I didn’t want anything I needed to be too precious about. The more battered it gets, the better it looks.




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