About Us

Family-run and fully obsessed with all things stone, tiles, decor, and detail. That’s us down to a tee.

Sardinia Dragonetti

What Makes Ca’ Pietra Special?

We’re designers of trend-led tiles for your home and garden with new collections released throughout the seasons.

We’re sculptors of natural stone so that you can choose everything from chiselled limestone flagstones for your kitchen floor to elegantly honed marble mosaics for your bathroom walls.

And we’re hunter-gatherers for Europe’s most meticulous makers that takes us from Britain to Italy and the tile ateliers of Spain.

With the right stone underfoot and your meant-to-be tiles lining your walls, it feels as though your home is smiling right back at you. Every. Single. Day.

In our book, that’s a beautiful, mood boosting thing, and so rest assured through our collections and unwavering customer care, we will stop at nothing to box up that feeling and bring it to your front door.

Farley Limestone Parquet


Because choice is a fantastic thing, but too much and it all starts to get a bit overwhelming.

We curate our collections to give you a balanced blend of understated stone that’s totally timeless as well as upbeat, trend-led tiles bursting with uplifting colour and toe-tapping pattern.

Not too much, not too little, but just right – we hope.


We’re very particular about using the word care over service because we’re a team that puts heart into every person and every home that comes our way.

We know our stuff, we’re on hand to help with decision-making as much as tile TLC and maintenance, and rest at nothing other than to help make sure your renovation gets off on the right foot.

Marlborough Terracotta


Consciousness covers a multitude of meanings for us.

We’re conscious of the planet when creating our collections, working hard to put back what we take from the planet through recycled packaging and tiles using up-cycled materials.

We’re conscious of our customers and approach everything from your POV, such as introducing our multi-layered sample service following your feedback.

And we’re conscious that all brands can always be better, so are constantly striving to make improvements in all that we do.