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5 Ways With Lily Pad

5 Ways With Lily Pad

Hexagonal (ticking off the trends for geometrics), inventive (rotate its pattern and play with three different layouts from starburst print to Art Deco-style spires), and as multi tonal as you like (from Custard yellow to Plaster pink), there’s more than just one reason why our porcelain Lily Pad collection is so popular. And with the addition of our very own paint range, we thought we’d keep the conversation colourful by revealing our design team’s five favourite Lily Pad paint pairings to inspire your own scheme…

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The latest addition to the collection, gorgeously rich and earthy New Leaf is full to the brim with olive tones so why not combine it with another of fashion’s favourite shades, blush pink?

In a trend-led apartment or a modern townhouse home, we can picture a Lily Pad New Leaf floor with a roll top bath painted in Carter’s Rose – one of two muted pinks in our paint collection, though this is the warmer, duskier of the two that’s in perfect harmony with New Leaf.

Or, in a smaller bathroom with no tub, go for the eggshell finish and take it to your walls. Add a shelf if you can somewhere in the room to fill with succulents and a pot or two with trailing greenery to really help both hues to bed into the room.

Peacock’s a proud colour for anyone who wants to do a bit of showboating in their space. Strong yet soothing, it means that it’s not too heavy even if you want to carry it from wall to floor, such as in a wet room’s shower enclosure.

In this scenario, we like combining it with a quiet neutral on the other walls that act as foil so that Peacock can really stand proud.  Charlotte’s Whisper, which we describe as an understated soft grey, is a match made in heaven for Lily Pad Peacock.

The two work well in industrial-style interiors too – think matte black brassware, Crittall shower screens and concrete accents to complement Charlotte Whisper’s cement undertones.

For people who like their interiors sunny side up, Lily Pad Custard will certainly act as your home’s ray of sunshine. Energising, life-affirming and designed to give decor and spirits a little lift, it’s one for bathrooms, kitchens and hallway floors that want every first impression to be a positive one.

Following Mid-Century’s design’s cue to pair mustard and grey, it’s always fun to dial up the drama on a yellow scheme by teaming it with a strong contrast, like Delphine’s Ink, Stella’s Smoke or for the sharpest, most daring contrast of all, Brook’s Black.

How much of each shade you use depends on how high octane you want your scheme to feel. Keep the ratio of Brook’s Black high in a sleek chic city kitchen with just a burst of yellow behind the stove. Live in a new-build property? Lay a yellow-tiled floor and then paint your kitchen island in Brook’s Black with other black accents dotted about the room from seating to appliances. Or, tile a downstairs loo’s walls entirely in Lily Pad Custard and go for a vintage sink that you can paint in Brook’s Black with the right primer in place.

On the topic of Stella’s Smoke, our deepest grey in the whole palette makes for a style-savvy and tonally-sympathetic duo with Lily Pad in Plaster – one of three pink shades in the Lily Pad collection.

A peachy, ballet slipper shade of pink (or that of setting plaster hence the name), it’s pink without being saccharine, suiting homes where not everybody is on board with the idea of pink decor…

Use it to tile a wall and it’s near impossible to not walk into the room and smile. If the prospect of it all-over your scheme feels too much, see it as a feature wall with the bath tub in front painted in Stella’s Smoke – Brook’s Black would also work if you favour a more striking contrast.

Some happy place between sky blue and mint green lies our Pistachio colourway within the Lily Pad family. This is a finish for a fresh, crisp palette and looks especially pleasing in a room filled with natural light.

With a pretty pastel like Pistachio, it’s all too easy for it to buddy up with paint colours like Amara’s Slipper (a more contemporary take on classic cream) or Maggie’s Cloud (another take on cream though this one would produce a lovely modern country scheme). While both of these hues complement Lily Pad Pistachio, there’s a far more exciting colour partnership waiting in the wings…

Cue Valentina’s Red, which, while an unlikely and certainly unexpected partnership for Pistachio, produces a scheme so colour confident that it raises your home’s style bar seriously high. The key is to not go overboard; you want Valentina’s Red to be an accent, a colour pop, a feature rather than being used en masse. Once again, if in a bathroom, go for that seriously satisfying painted bath surround, or in a kitchen, consider re-painting a wooden table base, or a feature piece of furniture like a showstopper dresser.

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