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Round To Kate’s: Magic With Marble

Round To Kate’s: Magic With Marble

The CEO of an international communications agency, Kate Shaw splits her time between London and New York but it is her north London home where she switches off from the world. In no room is that more true than in the sanctuary that is her elegant bathroom. She enlisted West One Bathrooms to renovate it entirely, with our Long Island marble tiles as the centrepiece.

Describe your style in three words

Eclectic, classic and tactile..

Is your home a country or city pad?

City pad.

What made you choose marble?

It’s a classic look and I wanted something that would not date. You also get such a luxurious, hotel-style look from marble.

Is this your first time using marble?

No, we have a house in Puglia, and I used locally sourced, polished Carrara in the master bathroom there and just loved it.

Character-wise, what’s your tile’s best trait?

Most people think marble is cold, but the Long Island tile has so much detail and colour in it, it actually feels very warm and characterful.

What time of day do you think your tiles look at their best? 

This bathroom has a west-facing window, so the late afternoon light, when the sun is setting, looks beautiful.

If you hadn’t have gone for marble, what would’ve been in second place?

Patterned tiles, which I also love.

How do friends and family react when they see your new bathroom?

Everyone who has seen it has said, “wow”. Using one tile but in two different ways (brickwork and herringbone) gives it interest and detail.

What effect do you feel your tiles have had on the room’s mood? 

It feels luxurious but welcoming, bright but not cold, and classic but modern at the same time.

Is there one thing you love more than anything about your tile choice?

I am so pleased that I chose a honed marble tile and not a polished one, which can look colder. The tiles vary enormously with different veins that show the natural state of marble. I’m glad I chose a real marble and not an imitation porcelain one.

Photography: Paul Craig


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